Kyle MacLachlan

Actor, Director

2/22/1959 (60 years old) Yakima, Washington, United States

Although MacLachlan made an infamous movie debut in director David Lynch's commercial and critical flop Dune, the two went on to have a fruitful collaboration. With everyman good looks and a pleasant, offbeat demeanor, MacLachlan became Lynch's muse, starring in the auteur's classic 1986 thriller Blue Velvet and in his groundbreaking TV show, Twin Peaks. MacLachlan earned two Emmy nods and a Golden Globe as the gung-ho FBI agent of Lynch's dreamlike series, although he didn't fare as well in the show's spin-off film. The cult actor continued to appear in indie flicks (Mike Figgis' Timecode, Michael Almereyda's Hamlet), but as the '90s wore on he appeared less frequently on the big screen, especially after a Razzie-nominated performance in the 1995 mega-bomb Showgirls. Instead, MacLachlan found his niche on television, starring in a plethora of TV-movies and portraying romantic (if very flawed) leads on Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives. In 2010, he left the latter after four seasons to stay in New York with his wife, Project Runway executive producer Desiree Gruber, and their son, Callum, rather than continue his commute to the set in Los Angeles.

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