Lindsey Haun

Actress, Director

Actress Lindsey Haun accumulated a fairly substantial litany of screen roles well before her 10th birthday and made numerous appearances on Star Trek: Voyager prior to her big break with the role of a young vocalist-cum-rock singer, modeled on pop diva Britney Spears, in the family-oriented telemovie Brave New Girl (2004). (Spears actually co-scripted that picture with her mom and reportedly hand-picked Haun for the part). Haun subsequently played the long-estranged daughter of a has-been country and western star (Toby Keith) in the family-oriented drama Broken Bridges (2006) and landed lead billing in director Paddy Breathnach's mind-bending shocker Shrooms (2007), as a young backpacker in Ireland who falls prey to the mad doings of a psychopath after consuming some hallucinogenic mushrooms.