Robert Patrick


11/5/1958 (63 years old) Marietta, Georgia, United States

If Patrick had passed on the part of a killer cyborg in 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day, his career might have been quite different. His steely blue eyes, chiseled physique and menacing vibe were so convincing that he spent the next decade playing bad guys in big flicks, as well as more varied parts in small fare. A recurring role as a suburban dad who was an indebted gambler on The Sopranos gained him much attention, and his stint on The X Files in beginning in 2000 established him as a star. Although the long-running show only lasted two more seasons, Patrick was no longer "that guy" from T2, and his change in status showed in the kinds of projects he was offered (Ladder 49, Walk the Line). But the veteran actor continued to have a journeyman's attitude toward his work, and he has admitted that though his résumé is long, only a small portion of it reflects quality projects. In addition to his arsenal of sci-fi roles, Patrick has also portrayed military men numerous times. Among these roles was his four-year stint as Col. Tom Ryan on The Unit. During the filming of this series, he and some of his cast mates showed their appreciation for real U.S. troops by visiting them in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. Off screen, Patrick combines his love for riding motorcycles with charity work: He participates in Southern California's charity motorcycle event Love Ride, and he's a member of the Boozefighters motorcycle club, which is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for veterans, children and the poor.

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