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Gears of War 4: Collector’s Edition for Xbox One


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Embark on a new saga from one of the most acclaimed video game franchises in history. The Collector's Edition includes: • Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition for Xbox One disc • JD Fenix on COG Bike premium statue with LED effects • Exclusive lithograph • Frag grenade keychain • In-game bonus content including 3 Gears Crates • Premium packaging

Gears of War 4: Collector’s Edition for Xbox One | Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition (objets de collection seulement)

Never fight alone

After narrowly escaping an attack on their village, JD Fenix and his friends, Kait and Del, must rescue the ones they love and discover the source of a monstrous new enemy. Unleash an array of close-cover combat moves and combat-knife executions, and blast away with brutal new weapons including the Buzzkill and Dropshot, which shoot around and over cover for destruction from all angles.

Gears of War 4: Collector’s Edition for Xbox One | Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition (objets de collection seulement)

Horde 3.0

Team up with four others and battle wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies by choosing your combat class, leveling up your skills and deploying fortifications anywhere on the map.

Gears of War 4: Collector’s Edition for Xbox One | Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition (objets de collection seulement)

Explosive versus multiplayer

Compete online in new and favourite game types, all at 60fps on dedicated servers. A new visible ranking system means fairer matchmaking for social, competitive and professional players alike.

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Fun Game, When I Can Actually Play It

My biggest problem is that every time that I want to launch the game and play alone or with my daughter, it needs a 8 - 9 GB update, which is a looooong download. So, I start that update late at night, and we have to play something else and wait. This has happened more times than we have actually gotten to play it; so much so that we don't think to play it very often.

Developer comment · Microsoft Store Team responded on 4/19/2017

Hi Jason, Thanks for the review. Glad to see that you are at least enjoying the game itself. We'd like to see if we can help with the wait times if we can. There's two things that might help in this situation. First, check to see if you have automatic updates enabled. If it is, you should get those updates in the background and it will install when the console is in low power mode (you have to have instant on enabled as well). You can find info to set that up here: If that's not preferable, or if your downloads are still slow, check out this link: That can help figure out what might be slowing things down for you. Typically, it is some setting somewhere in your network that just isn't playing well with the console. Thanks again for the review and we hope that helps out!




Excellent graphics

I enjoyed the product and story lines, however I have to be honest and say I thought the adventure of Gears3 to be a better and more effective game.




Make it a skill game!

I have been a fan of gears for a long time, but I want to stop playing gears 4 because, is not about who has skills or better at this game, is about who gets host, and which I don't get much. I can play 15 matches in a row and loose them all, I don't mind loosing I know you cant win all the time,but when I sneak up behind a player and shoot him twice dead on with the shot gun he turns around and shoots me once and get killed, I don't think is fair. I know because i get host sometimes and just take shots left and right and win, how am I going to bring my kd up if I can only win 2 out of 20 matches? Please no more host, shoot first kill first.



Panda Fox13

They really messed this game up.

At first I was very disappointed in this game. Not being 4 player campaign. However it was fairly uninteresting anyway. But enjoyable for the most part, and looking very polished to be fair. But, then playing the campaign, the drops were lacking, the new weapons weren't that good, an not having a flashlight on the reto was just aggravating. But what really started to get to me, was not having a 'Play as the bad guys' scenario, like the last few. (Most the baddies are lack luster anyway) However! After a few attempts at Horde and Vs. I started to see what I hated most about the game. Stupid cards and micro transactions with long fanfare graphics AS IF I was unlocking something cool. (Most the time youre not) You end up destroying a bunch of duplicates. (which they did make a bit better) But having to attach cards to classes (set up) an then trying to level up just so I could hang in Horde at wave 30+. I got so irritated I never really enjoyed playing the game after that. Crafting cards that only benefit you when they are equipped and playing that specific class was a terrible idea. An Vs is okay, but not my favorite part of playing Gears. I really am not interested in tons of skins for each weapons (more set up) or the alternate character looks. Specially when I have to keep opening chests just to try an get them. An Hoping every time I purchase a chest I don't accidentally spend real cash. In the end I spent more time in the menu than playing the game.



greg awesum

too bouncy

The only game I've ever had issues with. The character shakes the screen when you run which makes me motion sick and annoys the ccccrap out of me. Game seem pretty kewl if you could turn that off Otherwise seems like a really kewl game..




Excellent Sequel! Wow

Great game. It cocines the fear thing we found on the first, with so much emoción and better playability! Just great!




Not what I expected

I got this a couple of days ago and I regret it! I wish I would've bought COD infinite Warfare




great game

Tons of fun, me and my wife love joining forces in verses and the other game modes are great too





Just as expected! Own all of the Gears of War games! Great game play! Love the online play! Long overdue!



Golden rogue one

Great game

One of my favorites of all times. Strongly recommended, awesome graphics, soundtrack and storyline.



Developer comment · responded on

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