Incipio KICKSNAP Case for Microsoft Lumia 640 XL (Cyan/Gray)


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Sleek, tough, and versatile, the KICKSNAP is the perfect case for your Lumia 640 XL. It's made with a rigid Plextonium shell and impact-resistant Flex2O core, and its integrated kickstand provides hands-free viewing videos and chats.

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640 XL Case Good

This case is a nice cyan color, looks better in person than on website. Sturdy, yet not bulky. Fits great and protect phone. The kick stand is useful, but does pop out easily. If push kick stand in really well it stays in place for me.




Solid construction

When I both this case other reviewers biggest complaint was the fold out stand. I have not had any problems. My biggest problem now is locating a screen protector.




like the colors

I like the color choices & color I chose. The phone fit snugly into case with no hassle. I thought the feature I read about being able to open a stand to prop the phone on a table, sounded pretty good. However, upon getting the case, I found out that that little door in back, which serve as the stand, is rather flimsy and can have a mind of its own, such as popping open when you don't want it to. There is nothing that props open the door like a picture frame, and when closing the door, it just kinda loosely snaps. If they properly address that issue, it would be a solid 5 star rating for me!




looks great

Very happy with the color I chose, and other available colors. The case is durable, and the phone fit snugly into case with no hassle. I liked the feature of being able to prop phone on the table. It has like a door you open, and that acts as the stand. However, it is flimsy, and the door does not snap closed securely, sometimes popping open on its own. Therefore, the 4 star, instead of 5 star rating. If that issue is addressed, it is a solid 5 rating for me.



Rena one eleven

Cute case

I've had this case for about a week now and its really cool looking. I hope its protective the next time I drop my phone. Only 4 stars because I don't like seeing the colored edge of my phone when I look at my phone from the front, it looks like the case is not quite on correctly or is a tiny bit too small. Also shows fingerprints and smudges but I would definitely recommend this case to a friend. Best one I've seen for this phone!




I love this phone case!!!

This is a strong, durable case. I am happy I purchased it for my Microsoft Lumia 640XL.




Incipio KICKSNAP for Lumia 640 XL

This is the ideal case for the 640 Xl it feels good in your hand won't slip out your hand




Great Case So Far

The color is great and bright. Overall the case is nice for the most part it seems to be made durable except for one part of the case, the kick stand. The kick stand, its flimsy and I'm afraid to use it, so it doesn't wear out and fall off it just flops in and out exposing the phone when its open. It looks to me as if the kick stand was an afterthought... Due to this I can only give the case 4 stars. If it didn't have the kick stand I would have gave it a solid 5 stars




Solid with Style

I love the color, and the kick stand. It nice and durable not flimsy. Not bad for the price.



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