Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC

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• 13.9-inch Full HD touchscreen • Intel Core i7-7500U • 8GB memory/256GB SSD • Up to 15.5 hours battery life

Lenovo Yoga 910 Laptop

Strike a pose

From its innovative 360-degree watchband hinge to its eye-catching style, the powerful Lenovo Yoga 910 is anything but ordinary. This super-flexible 2 in 1 bends, flips, and folds into four different modes, and comes loaded with 7th Gen Intel processing power, a 256GB SSD, and 8GB of memory. Combine that with up to 15.5 hours* of battery life and you've got a touchscreen PC that’s ready for anything.

Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC | PC 2-en-1 Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF édition Signature

Such a lightweight

Weighing in at just 3 pounds and only 0.56 inches thin, the Yoga 910 travels light and is a breeze to carry in a bag or from room to room.

Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC | PC 2-en-1 Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF édition Signature

Secure, streamlined login

Just swipe the Yoga 910’s fingerprint reader for simple, quick, and secure access to your PC.

Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC | PC 2-en-1 Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF édition Signature

Powerful Intel Core i7 processor

The 7th Gen Intel Core i7 delivers the most responsive performance to date with features like built-in security and 4K resolution support.

Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC | PC 2-en-1 Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF édition Signature

Serious stability

Intricately built and elegantly refined, the durable watchband hinge won't wobble no matter how heavy-handed you get with the display.

Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC | PC 2-en-1 Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF édition Signature

Bring the noise

Everything sounds loud and clear through JBL stereo speakers powered by Dolby Audio.

Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC | PC 2-en-1 Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF édition Signature

The best Windows yet

Windows 10 delivers faster start-ups, a familiar yet expanded Start menu, and new ways to get stuff done across multiple devices.

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• World-class security software
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Tech specs


13.9 in Full HD IPS touchscreen (1920 x 1080), 10-finger multi-touch support


Intel Core i7-7500U 2.70 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.50 GHz


8GB DDR4 2133 MHz

Hard drive size


Operating system

Windows 10 Home, 64-bit

PC type

2 in 1

Optical drive


Media drive



Dolby Audio, JBL speakers, Realtek HD Audio Manager


Intel HD Graphics 620 with shared graphics memory


1 USB 3.1 Type-C • 1 USB 3.0 (charge) • Headphone output/Microphone input combo


4-cell 78WHr lithium-polymer (up to 15.5 hours)*


720p webcam


802.11ac (Miracast enabled)


Bluetooth 4.1


12.72 x 8.84 x 0.56 in (323.08 x 224.53 x 14.22 mm)


3.00 lbs (1.36 kg)




Model number: Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF • Fingerprint reader • TPM 2.0 • Precision touchpad • Touchpad dimensions: 108 x 70 mm

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Great Notebook with a few minor drawbacks

Got this machine for my birthday (I picked it out) and have absolutely LOVED it. Bought an HDMI to USB-C adapter from Lenovo which works perfectly. The battery power seems endless. I have run this for many hours and would say that real time battery usage is 12-14 hours for real use. Much like any notebook I have owned (too many too count!), this notebook has a couple of flaws, neither of which is serious. First, it has only 1 USB and 2 USB-Cs, one of which is used for power. You can overcome this easily with a USB junction and a USB to USB-C adapter (Amazon). The other 'problem,' is the small, right side shift key. It is WAY over there but if you keep at it, you can adjust to it and it becomes a non-problem. This machine is wicked-fast, has an extremely handsome display, and the fit and finish is nothing short of gorgeous. It is small and light. Awesome!




great fixture

Not yet but I am impressed with the features and the design




The fifth day I use it, it went wrong!!!

I purchased the signature edition in Microsoft on-line shop for its better quality. But, the device went wrong and the screen got black when I was watching Youtube!! And I could never opened it again. The quality is really not good.




the best latop ever

I bought it about 3 months ago and i have not had an issue, it works; and for what it needs to be done for work its the best, yes key board might be annoyed some time but you used to it ones you get the hang of it other wise it every thing you need to you might be looking for school or work, it nice




If you like the sounds of a helicopter, buy this.

I bought this computer as an exchange for an HP envy series in late 2016. That was a mistake. At least the envy didn't sound like a helicopter under full-power. As other reviewers indicated the right-shift button is impossible to use. These two factors forced me to return the product. Yes, you can get a program to switch key functions, but why support poor design? On top of that, if you use this in a work environment, with additional monitors and keyboard setup, the switch key program becomes useless, all over again. Lenovo, give your head a shake. Until laptop manufacturers figure out cooling, the thin-sexy should be left to Apple. Of course, they have their own problems with that new sexy-key-travel-disaster called a 2016 MBP.



Long time Lenovo

the keyboard sucks

One of the best differentiating factor about the Lenovo computers (especially the Thinkpad series) is the keyboard. I have been noticing that over the last few years, manufacturers have slowly taken away the number of keys while trying to reduce the keyboards. For people who do not type a lot, it may not be an issue but for those who spend a lot of time using word processors, typing text, the keyboard makes a huge difference. One of the first things I do when looking into a laptop is the layout of the keys. Here, with this latest Yoga models, we now no longer have the dedicated PgUp / PgDn / Home / End keys. Requiring the combination of the Fn key with the arrows keys means one can no longer navigate with one hand. For whatever it is worth, I hope Lenovo goes back to design good keyboards instead of skipping on this important aspect of ergonomics.




Best in class, with minor issues

First of all, if you are looking for a 2 in 1 convertible, this is likely the winner, with one caveat for super-power users. The other competitors in its price range are the HP x360 and the Dell XPS 13 (a bit more expensive). Similar speed and insides, but the Lenovo, for the same price, gives you the 14' screen -- about 10% larger than the others. Besides the larger screen, I liked the fingerprint sensor, the traditional great Lenovo support, no bloatware (through the Microsoft store), and beautiful design and aesthetics --especially the watchband hinge. For those who don't like the bottom-mounted nose hair camera (like the Dell), when you skype with it just flip the Yoga's orientation by folding those gorgeous watchband hinges. I don't need the Windows facial 'Hello' function that a top-mounted camera would provide -- the fingerprint sensor is excellent and very fast. The only issues I had were these: 1. Lenovo blew the connections, probably in an attempt to differentiate/get you to upgrade to one of their higher level machines. You have two USB-C, but one of them seems exclusively for power (and people say that it is not universal for ANY USB-C charger -- you can only use Lenovo's -- so not a true use of USB-C's universality), and one USB-3 (legacy), which can charge devices. Also, the USB-C's are 3.0, not 3.1, which means it is not future-proofed for massive data transfer. I am not a super duper power user, so for my uses this was not a big deal, will still be able to stream movies to a TV monitor or from an external hard-drive, but it is worth noting. 2. The bottom edge of the laptop is very sharp where your palms curl over the edge. I fixed this with a pair of $6 silicone palm pads from amazon that eliminate this problem and also make the palm rest very comfortable. So this is the winner. You can't go wrong.








Evan B

The BEST PC laptop available today

Yes, I said it. This Lenovo Yoga 910 is currently the best ultraportable PC laptop available in January 2017. How do I know? I own it and I have spent time with many of the competitors to include the HP Envy x360, the MS Surface/Surface book, ASUS Zenbook UX360A, Lenovo Yoga 900, and Dell XPS 13. Ok, so why is the Lenovo Yoga 910 the top choice in my opinion? 1) Hardware. I prefer a solid metal casing and Yoga 910, Surface Book, and HPx360 are the only ones in this category. While the Yoga 910 weighs in the middle with the HP being the lightest and the Surfacebook being the heaviest - the Yoga 910 has the largest screen at 14'. The watchband hinge on the Yoga 910 is superior to both the HP and the Surfacebook. The trackpad on all three devices is very refined, however the fit and finish of the Yoga 910 in unparalleled by its rivals. Two drawbacks, minor in my opinion, are the small right shift key and the webcam being placed below the screen. The keyboard has good travel and there are three backlight settings. 2) Battery life. Perhaps most important to me. If you opt for the FHD rather than the QHD screen (which is actually cheaper) - then you are legitimately looking at 14 hours of battery life on the Yoga 910 if you do basic tasks and document editing. That is at least 2 to 4 hours better than the competitors I list. On a side note, there are varied opinions about whether QHD is worth the extra cost and battery consumption vs. a FHD screen device. This has to do with resolution and pixel density and I am of the opinion that on a 13' screen the QHD is an overkill. 3) Performance. There are many videos that go into specific software/graphics tests on these devices and by and large these devices are comparable in their performance. Obviously the newer/higher the chipset, RAM, and graphics card - the better the performance. The Yoga 910 is a VERY fast machine with no noticeable lag. It uses the latest 7th generation Intel i7 chip. Very fast, very power efficient. Lenovo plays well with Windows 10 and the updates for both Windows and Lenovo install easily. 4) Touchscreen. While this is almost a given, there are still hold outs like the Dell XPS series, HP Spectre, and Asus Zenbook UX305 that still do not have touchscreen. Touchscreens also drain battery, but with Windows 10 and 2 in 1 devices have become very handy. The Yoga 910 has a very nice response to touch with zero issues that I've experienced. It does not support pen input, but that does not bother me as I have other devices for this. 5) Media. The Yoga 910 has good speakers and coloring for video and audio. I have no problem with steaming music, video chat, or watching movies on this laptop. In fact, with the full 360 flip, I like having the option of flipping the keyboard back and using the device in tablet mode. Again, the above items are what matter to me most and the Lenovo Yoga 910 gets the highest marks when compared to it's rivals. Happy shopping.





Amazing product! The reason why the keyboard is a little weird is because it's actually an international thing. Every other country other than the U.S. actually has the keyboard like that.

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*Battery life varies by configuration, operating conditions, and other factors. Maximum battery capacity decreases with time and use.

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