Lumia 950 XL PureGear Tempered Glass with Self Aligning Tray - High Definition


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Arm your Lumia 950 XL with this scratch-resistant screen protector. Plus, installation is a breeze with the PureGear Perfect Alignment Tray, cleaning cloth, and alcohol wipe.

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Even manually aligned, it's holding

Just bought this today, and it would have helped to have the six steps on the device and on the box match EXACTLY, and as a result, I got confused over what was 'film', what was 'glass', what was 'tab'. So, it ended up I had the phone in the tray, manually aligned it without the 'protective film' shortcut, it was off a tiny bit, peeled it up immediately, realigned it perfectly. I ended up with eight dust bubbles but no corner bubbles, maybe my room was too dusty because I cleaned it precisely per instructions. The dust bubbles are miniscule, and I can only see them when reflecting light when the screen is not lit.




Did not work for me

This packaging and install-method looked simple to use (self-aligning tray), and it was simple to try to use. I waited until I was calm and focused so I would not screw this up, still had a big bubble emerge in the middle that would not go away and three edges kept creeping up on me. It looked like it would look great if the glass stuck properly to the phone screen. Removed it and am contemplating what to try next...



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