Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard

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This keyboard provides comfortable typing, a built-in trackpad, and customizable media hotkeys.

Person using the Microsoft All in One Keyboard in a living room.

Type at ease

Upgrade your living room or home office with a keyboard that makes it easy to manage your entertainment. Its full-size keyset and integrated multi-touch trackpad allow you to type, swipe, drag, zoom and click with ease. Tailor the media hotkeys to your taste, and find your music, photos, movies and the web at your fingertips. Wirelessly connect to your PC via a USB transceiver, and use it with a Smart TV or game console that accepts the USB HID standard. And with its durable design, there’s no need to sweat everyday bumps, drops or spills.

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Smart Keyboard

But why can't you use the 3 finger gesture to bring up task view on windows 10




Great Choice

The board is user friendly, convenient, and pricing is on target. I'm back in online school and this make my time on the computer (and that's a long time) extremely ease.




none of of the fn hacks works.... I have no print screen function, no home / end, no chance to prevent my computer from sleeping when I want to close (alt F4) a program. All of these fn+CapsLock things don't work on my keyboard. Seems that you shipped it with different firmware versions.




..... and the Fn Lock...

Fn + Caps Lock does not fix the issue. Otherwise a nice little keyboard... why ruin it like this?




Has a serious fault

If you prefer to use function keys (F-n) by default rather than media keys don't buy this keyboard. Battery life also could be better




Solid microsoft keyboard..

gr8 multi media keyboard...I use this and a xbox one controller. its all you need. good price. quality keyboard.




MS needs to issue firmware update

Average keyboard. Trackpad OK. It would be great at what it was designed for EXCEPT THE FUNCTION ISSUE. Let me tell you why this is a problem for you (the buyer) and what MS can do to fix (and why it's getting 1* reviews): The key labels (A, B, C, D, etc. etc.) are all white. So are the function keys labels. The media-specific commands share the function keys (F2 is also Play/Pause) and those commands are blue. This is a common small keyboard design and, generally, the different media command color denotes needing to press Fn (or some type of function key) to achieve that command. All on the same page, right? Good. Now, on this keyboard, the media commands are enabled by default and the F1, F2, etc. are the backup option requiring you to push Fn like Shift to activate the key. There is nothing to warn you of this. The first time you use this keyboard and push Alt-F4 to close a program your computer will go to sleep (because the F4 key is also the Sleep key, which is enabled by default). That was SUPER annoying because I didn't know why my computer kept sleeping until I did some Googl'ing. There is a fix... you can push Fn + Caps to turn of 'function lock', or I guess in this case, turn it on... But this has to be done every time you turn on the keyboard. The reason for the 1* reviews? We, many of the people who bought this keyboard, want MS to release a firmware update where we can change the Function Lock toggle by default on the keyboard... and we want you, the prospective buyer, to be aware that they keyboard doesn't behave 'normally'.




Great small keyboard!

I have two of these which are used for multimedia/conference rooms at our office. The small all-in-one and wireless design is perfect for our needs.




can't use regular keyboard F* keys by default

How the heck have they not fixed this. You can't use the F1, F2, F3 etc. keys as by default they are set to the alternative, media-related functions, and their is no way to change that default. It's an unbelievable but typical bit of terrible product support by Microsoft.




Cannot use function keys

No Fn lock function makes keyboard pretty close to useless for just about everything. should be at the very least fixed in hardware, and F keys having their proper assigned functions by default should have been implemented from the get go. extremely disappointed with this product



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