Microsoft Complete Accident Protection for Surface Book


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Stay productive with extended protection and accidental coverage for your Surface, plus unlimited software support—all in one. Microsoft Complete is no longer available for sale in Puerto Rico.

Damage protection
Accidents happen, and that’s okay. With Complete, you get two years of accidental damage protection—even from drops and spills, from the moment your device is shipped.

Extended service
Complete covers your device from hardware defects or malfunctions for two full years from date of purchase.

Unlimited software support and training
Complete includes valuable Answer Desk services to keep your device running smoothly. It also comes with Advanced PC Tune-Up and Virus Removal and Protection, plus as many in-store personal Answer Desk training sessions you need.

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Peace of Mind is worth it.

I usually don't get extended protection plans when they're offered by a third (or fourth) party, but since this is through Microsoft for a Microsoft product, I feel it's worth it. I got a similar plan for my previous laptop (another manufacturer) and it definitely paid off.




Great feature

Can't beat accidental insurance




Should come with a free cover

Thankfully, I have not yet had to use the Complete Accident Protection for Surface Book. My suggestion: if a customer purchases a Surface Book AND the Complete Accident Protection plan, Microsoft should include a FREE COVER.




awesome features

Very good protection




Student computer

The computer is great! Very well built. Did have a problem with OS not being the latest version had to do updates that took forever.



No USB on Tablet

Solid Machine but no usb when in tablet only mode

I am actually returning this because it does't have a usb port when you are in tablet only mode. MS you need to at least build an adapter that plugs into the keyboard port.




A must have too

We don't expect problems, but there are complete protection is a good thing.



Dave the Platypus

Sleep easy with Complete

If anything ever happens to your Surface product, you'll be happy you bought this. You usually get 2 replacements over the life of the plan. With my Surface Pro 3 I had a keyboard issue and then a tablet meltdown, and both were resolved quickly and cleanly in store. No muss, no fuss, here's your new equipment.




Great add-on purchase for this product...

Extremely pleased to have added this at the time of purchase.




Great Look, perfect size, but does not work

The device does not work with the docking station as advertised. I have two monitors and rarely is there an instance where those connect without 2-3 minutes of rebooting and cable connecting/disconnecting.... I felt like I did not do enough research on this device because when I searched on issues with this device and the docking station there was a ton of users with the same issue and no resolution anywhere. In addition, this device crashes all the time. 3-8 times a day. I only use this device for basic email/office productivity apps and thought this would have been an upgrade from my business class laptop from a competitor... not even close. I am not going to mention the competitor but I can say that I had that laptop and docking station for the last 2 years and had no issues. Very disappointed with this item and I highly recommend that if you value your time stay away from this device.



Developer comment · responded on

Microsoft Complete for Surface is available for all Surface devices and must be purchased at time of device purchase or within 45 days after purchase with device inspection required at a Microsoft retail store. Hardware coverage is described here. Two claims are allowed within the two-year warranty period. Each claim is subject to a $49 deductible. For service plan support, please call 1-877-696-7786 or visit Microsoft Complete is underwritten by AMTrust, and additional terms apply.