Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter


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Wirelessly project what’s on your phone, tablet, or laptop to your big-screen HDTV or monitor.[1]

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter | Adaptateur d’affichage sans fil Microsoft

See it all on your big screen

Share what’s on your tablet, laptop, smartphone,1 or Surface onto an HDTV or monitor with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Stream movies, view photos, or display a presentation on a big screen—all wirelessly.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter | Adaptateur d’affichage sans fil Microsoft

Modernize your meetings

Project your ideas and collaborate in real time by plugging Wireless Display Adapter into a conference room projector or monitor. You can even ink in PowerPoint to emphasize a point and make the big screen your collective workspace.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter | Adaptateur d’affichage sans fil Microsoft

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast technology

Wireless Display Adapter uses Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast technology, so you’re not limited to certain apps or content streaming. You can display everything from your device on an HDTV or monitor.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter | Adaptateur d’affichage sans fil Microsoft

Easily connect

Just plug the USB and HDMI from Wireless Display Adapter into your HDTV or monitor, connect, then mirror or extend your screen to enjoy. The adapter delivers a reliable connection up to a 23-foot range.

Tech specs


4.07 x .87 x .43 in (103.5 x 22.0 x 11.0 mm) exclude length 11.8 in (300 mm) cable length


1.17 ounces (33.1 grams)


Dark titanium

Connector type

HDMI (powered through USB)


Surface devices, including Surface Book/Surface Pro 4/Surface 3/Surface Pro 3/Surface 2/Surface Pro/Surface Pro 2, and other Miracast enabled Windows 10/Windows 8.1 devices. Full functionality not available with non-HDCP devices.

Windows app support

Supported Platforms – X86, X64 and ARM, with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1+ operating system

Software Localization: Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app may be installed from Windows Store in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Danish, English, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese Portugal, Finish, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Spanish Spain or Spanish Latin America. If available, the app will be installed in the default OS language. Otherwise, the English language version will be installed.


  • Audio and Video Receiver
  • Pairing with Multiple Devices (not simultaneously)
  • PCM Audio format support
  • RF Range: up to 22.9 feet (7 meters)
  • Operation temperature: 5 to 35 degree C

Country of manufacture

People's Republic of China

ISO 9001 qualified manufacturer


ISO 14001 qualified manufacturer


Restriction on hazardous substances

This device complies with all applicable worldwide regulations and restrictions including, but not limited to: EU directive 2002/95/EC on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment and EU Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulation regarding Substances of Very High Concern.


This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules and Industry Canada ICES-003. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1)This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2)this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Tested to comply with FCC standards. For home and office use. Model number: 1733, Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. FCC ID: C3K1733.

Windows Certification Kit (WCK)

ID: 1784646 Windows 10 (64-bit) and 8.1 (64-bit)


1-year limited warranty

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Works Great on Epson Projectors

I work for a school District and have this device installed on 20 or more Epson Projectors and it's Awesome, works every time and so easy to install and update the firmware.




Working great so far...

Use this with two Win 10 laptops, three Samsung galaxy 4 & 5 phones and two RCA tablets, all running Lollipop. Adapter works great with all. I ran the firmware update from the Windows Store before using...




A nice thing

It's very good except sometimes it pause a little bit




Works great

Got this about a month ago and it seems to work great




It does not work

After a lot of enquiries and investigations I found that the device is not compatible with my VAIO computer. It took me a long time to find this out and I did thru VAIO support and not thru Microsoft which I find very surprising. It took me a long long time to be able to contact a person to address my problem. Finally I did and I was promised a full refund of which I should have been notified this morning but it did not happen. I understand that my case have been documented and is identified with the number 1366432186. Please appreciate if somebody help either to mahe the device work if it is possible or to get my refund immediatelly.

Developer comment · Microsoft Store Team responded on 12/26/2016

Hi Alejandro, We’re happy to help! Send us an email at with the email address you use for your Microsoft account and your order number and we’ll get this worked out immediately.




Initial test with Surface Pro 4

I plan to use this intermittently with my Surface Pro 4 so I can have dual screens when I work from home ~3x/month. Initial setup test last night went smooth; easy to connect, works well with spreadsheets and other static screens, but video test (YouTube) did get choppy. This test lasted about 20 minutes. While shutting down and putting cords away I noticed this display adapter was rather warm. Maybe this is why others say theirs worked for 2-3 weeks then quit? After reading reviews from others here I purchased a dedicated USB power source (High speed charger, Input: AC 100-240V: Output: DC 5V -2A) and a 6.5ft/2meter USB 3.0 extension cable. (USB power adapter was not warm to the touch). I plan to run the USB cable and monitor power cable in the wall with the monitor mounted above a desk. I will try this again with a standard speed USB adapter to see if the issue continues.





Won't work with windows 7xp. No instruction how to use with my phone. Can't find app on windows website. Going back to the store 1st thing in the morning.




Very inconsistent.......better off with Chromecast

I bought this product like a year ago. I have been frustrated with it ever since. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Even if it does work it might stop during use. This is easily the most frustrating product I have ever used. My main purpose of use was to stream movies, tv and webpages. You are better off with Chromecast, cheaper and more consistent.




Wireless DisplaynAdapter

Works well! It works as expected and easy to connect to TV



Not Batman

I have the older, larger version

I bought the original version of this device soon after it came out, this seems to be the same, just packaged smaller. There are 2 things you need to make sure of before using this. The first is that your device has dual band Wi-Fi, both 2.4 and 5 GHz (if it supports 802.11ac it does); if it only supports 2.4 GHz, your device will give you a warning that it is sharing the band with the network connection and the video will be choppy even if you aren't actually connected to a Wi-Fi network. The Other thing is that you are using this for a passive display (watching Netflix, showing a menu, etc.) or very basic office tasks because there is about a quarter second delay while the video signal is being decoded. Only one star is taken off because those 2 conditions are applicable for all Miracast receivers, not just this one. If you make sure to use it according to those conditions, this is a fantastic device.



Developer comment · responded on

[1] Full functionality not available with non-HDCP devices. If a device was originally pre-installed with a prior version of Windows (Windows 8, Win7, Vista or XP), please contact the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to confirm if it is Miracast enabled. Surface devices, including Surface Book/Surface Pro 4/Surface 3/Surface Pro 3/Surface 2/Surface Pro/Surface Pro 2 are Miracast-enabled.