Mozo Back Cover for Lumia 950 (Black)

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Made of genuine leather, this slim-fitting Mozo case with NFC replaces the original Lumia 950 back cover. Supports the Lumia 950 wireless charging functionality.

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look beautiful elegant

Look nice the shell cover in leather perfect now it's different look a premium good job.




It's cool and all but....

It's a cool battery door/cover but when I install it and try to put my Tech21 case back on, it's not a complete fit. It seems to me the volume, power/lock & camera buttons tend to stick out a little more than the original battery cover/door that came with the phone. I'd be giving this 3 1/2 stars if I could. I do however like how stylish the cover/door is though.



Fred E

looks classy feels good.

Title says if all




Makes my Lumia look classy

At work, I show off my new phone, and they were very impressed. But I only bought this Back Cover, still the same phone. The couldn't believe a Windows Phone could look that expensive, and now I love my phone even more. The metal frame feels really good and the leather back feels really nice. Good quality indeed.



Grapevine Guy

Nice Upgrade to a Great Phone

Just recently bought the dual-sim 950 for work and personal use. While the standard back cover didn't really bother me, I decided to upgrade to the Mozo black leather cover. I was surprised how much it improved the appearance of the phone. Definitely worth considering although it is not what I would consider a protective cover.




Mozo Back Cover for Lumina 950

The black back cover for my phone is great. I like the classic look it gives my new phone.




A superior back finishes a great phone

This back is superior to the original and looks & feels great. The metal surround and leather back is well made and the buttons are lower profile. Qi Wireless Charging and phone antenna work well!




Nice product

Looks nice, fits the 950 well. Comfortable in my pocket.




Help Otterbox AVAILABILITY for ALL Lumias

All day at Microsoft stores or any stores for Windows Lumia phone casings are expensive, and not very reliable for protection. They are too expensive for what little they provide the last 2 Lumia phones that I have had. All the casings that I used did not protect either phones from cracking and I bought the only one that was available in its way too expensive that doesn't even cover the screen. There is literally. Nothing worth buying for any Lumia phones and that needs to be fixed. Very soon. Microsoft Lumia customers are very loyal and stay because of the great features of the phone and we already don't have the apps that the rest of the phones out there, so that's already a sacrifice. But what any of that worth if you can't rely on protection for protection get with it Microsoft and fix this.! It is so sad that the only kind of casing available for Microsoft. Lumia phones are very flimsy. Not very durable for extreme use in clumsy people and also very expensive for this week look. I would rather had an Otterbox, but they are only available for Google Android or Apple phones. Which. I do not want any part of. as much as I want more apps available to the windows phone because I love the features and that outweighs the apps that are easy to install but we have no available durable high usage casing and that is ridiculous because I spend a lot of money to get an unlocked phone so that I can use for prepaid accounts please please fix this situation




Mozo Lumia 950 backcover

I absolutely love this back cover, added a completely new look to the old at&t back cover. Perfect fit with leather back and stainless trim edge completes the look.



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