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If you live and breathe motorcycles, you're going to love RIDE for Xbox One.

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Go full throttle

RIDE features the top motorcycles from the best manufacturers that you can customize to your heart's content. Choose among 100 bikes in four categories: Naked, supersports, superbikes, and historical. Travel the globe on a wide variety of racetracks that offer a world of thrills and challenges. Participate in unique international events and take on other players from around the world in the all-new online multiplayer modes.

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Worst game ever

I bought this game in anticipation that it will be entertaining like other racing game but too much boring. I did not want to play this after couple of days of play. I will not recommend this for anyone. Go for some better game and don’t waste your money such a worst game.




Just what I've been waiting for

Anyone who complains about the physics probably doesn't actually ride or have ever done a real club race before - it's very acute and technical. The tires gradually warm up, maintain throttle control to get the right lines, you have to shift the riders weight side to side before you can actually turn in, standing the bike up mid corner will screw you, too much braking will low side and too much throttle out will under steer or high side you, etc. It is the closest game to reality that I have ever played. It has a slight arcade feel like Forza compared to Gran Turismo but it is still a great deal of fun without losing the sense of realism. I play it before a track day or race weekend to get me in the zone. Can't wait for it to come out.




Basically a bike forza

I have went through basically every feature in the trial for this game and it is incredible. It has settings to either make a great sim (Realistic mode), and settings to just have fun and race for entertainment. The customization was one of my personal favorite features and it is very in depth. I can't wait to see what the full game brings, but if its anything like the trial then it's hands down the best bike game on the market.




ugh. So disappointing

What will it take to get a decent motorcycle game that a)captures actual riding physics and sensation b)features detailed listened courses including iomtt, Laguna, Phillip island, etc c)includes a wide assortment of customizable bikes ? From the trailer and description, this game seemed like the holy grail! However, after playing the uninspired demo on Xbox One, it turns out to be just another lame arcade racer. The physics are ridiculous, the engine sounds are laughable, it visually looks like it was made for PS2, it takes minutes to load the game, and it has cheesy music to boot. The only positive is the listed assortment of bikes. If the final game is anything like the demo... Don't be tempted just because it's the only moto game in town these days. Sometimes nothing IS better than something...horrible. Are you listening Turn10? How about a Forza quality game centered around motorbikes? Please?



Mortal Avatar

A joke of a sim...

I played the demo on XB1, and if you actually ride (they even have the newer version of my Street Triple R, which, granted, looks nice in the game) you'll instantly realize this is a cheap arcade game not a racing sim. They took car physics and applied it to motorcycles, which is flat out wrong. Guess what happens when you're in a turn on a bike and and you hit the brakes in real life? The bike stands up and you go straighter, usually in to oncoming traffic! But in this game, your turn tightens just like a car racing sim. Basically the exact opposite of reality. Nice job Namco!



Ricky Harrelson 197

amazing realism

Amazing graphics, epic physics, almost as awesome as racing my actual race bike.



Moto Medic

About time.

I haven't got this yet but I'm super stoked. Finally another racing game for us bikers. Ever since tourist trophy for ps2 we've been waiting. Can't wait for this one.



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