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Join your Corebot companions and battle dangerous robotic foes in a mysterious, ever-changing world.

The main character in ReCore holding a strong source of light and energy

Survival starts in the Core

Lead a band of robot companions on an epic journey to save mankind in this action-adventure masterpiece from Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime. As one of the last remaining humans on a planet controlled by robotic foes bent on your destruction, you must forge friendships with a courageous group of robot companions, each with unique abilities and powers.

The main character in ReCore using a tool to open a door

Collect and customize

Build your perfect battle party by collecting and customising Corebots companions.

The main character in ReCore petting her mechanical dog

Defeat dangerous foes

Lead your Corebots into battle against dangerous robotic foes, including devious bosses.

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Wonderful game.......

I thought but know the last member on the group would have been introduce. Tank. There's other part of the map that only t8nk come reach. Please send out the update....... Thanks




Solid Game, Fun to Play, Long Load Screens

ReCore is a great game, a solid third person platformer with good shooting mechanics. The only reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 are the longer than average load screens. Apart from that, great game to play.




Tons of fun

This makes me feel like playing a Zelda game. It has been a lot of fun, and pretty easy to pick up.





This is a fun game! Good graphics, good gameplay. forget about the critics.




Great graphics, fun story

Shipping was fast. The game itself is beautiful to look at. It's entertaining. Only near the beginning and it's a bit on the easy side, but still fun to explore.




Brilliant Game - My Favorite Game in Years

We've had an Xbox for quite awhile now, but I've never played any of the games we have on a regular basis until ReCore. Once I got ReCore, I've played it constantly every moment I've had. Everything about it makes me happy, from the gameplay to the story to the characters to the music. I've beaten the big bad and I'm still playing the game with total abandon as I want to complete every part of it. It's a bit of a throwback to the Metroid Prime games, but it also breaks new ground for gamers like myself who desperately crave a gaming experience like this, where you're emotionally connected to a character in a new world with these robot pals. I've never written a review for a game before, but my love of this game has forced me to and I desperately hope there's a sequel in the future. This game just makes life better.




For Metroid Prime fans who need a fix

Yes, this game has it's flaws and limitations but if you've played handheld ports to consoles (looking at your playstation) then you can get past the elephant in the room while playing. The graphics are actually fine, the gameplay is fine as well. It's just that it DOES feel like an indie title or digital-only. It plays like a metroid game, you have different colored weapon ammo to DMG different colored targets. You explore a world and unlock things along the way. The personal enjoyable aspect of the game are the puzzles and dungeons to explore. Has a 2014 look, 2009 mechanics, and a 2016 price tag. Feels like a vita/ps3 game ported to xb1 but I honestly don't have an issue with that.




Great game that got dumped on way too early

I bought this opening day and have played about 20 hours. The game feels great and exploring around the world is great fun. The Dungeons and exploration are fantastic. From what I have done of the main story line I have really enjoyed it, but I have not gone too far in it because the rest of this game has sucked me in. I Plan on playing it for a long time. There are some issues I have had with some design choices, and a few glitches but nothing that keeps me from thoroughly enjoying the game. 5 stars all the way for me.



OZ Tallgeese

Better then I Expected

I have been playing this non-stop since I got it. Very fun and unique gameplay. Reminds me of Jak and Dexter or Ratchet and Clank. Lots to explore. Puzzles are not too hard or boring. Combat is fun. Upgrading your bots is simple and fun too. Being able to play on PC and Xbox is a great plus. The Xbox has slow loading times though. If you enjoy action platformers, I recommend this game.




Great game. Really enjoying it

So I have had this game for about 3 weeks or so. I really did not know what to expect from it, but saw the preview at E3 and pre-ordered it. It showed up, I plugged it in, and had no expectations for it. I have to say, I am actually really happy with it. There are pros and cons to the wide open very large world. Sometimes it feels too big and spread out, with long trips from one to the next. That said, there is an instant teleportation that can help you move about with fast travel. I was really impressed with the fact that you can either go very in depth with building and creating and customizing from blue prints on your characters, or not do that at all. Most of the puzzles involve ledge jumping and timing, which is fine and as someone else said kind of nostalgic. What is not seen is that this is hard to get right for a developer, and they really did a good job so it is challenging but not frustrating. I anticipate this game will be really long if I do all the side quests and dungeons to collect loot. So far the game balancing is great and the story is way better than I anticipated. My expectations have far been exceeded. Game is original yet nostalgic, and is a terrific value compared to most new releases of this kind of quality.



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