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Street Hopper 6 by Soundstream


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Stream your music for hours—from a Bluetooth or USB-connected device—with this portable speaker featuring a full multi-color LED light show.

Tech specs


Rechargeable lithium battery with up to 10 hours of playback


6.5-inch active and passive radiator subwoofers with 2.50-inch speakers


Digital FM radio tuner with 15 presets built in


USB for MP3 music playback from flash drive

USB charging for mobile devices, output 1A/5V

3.5mm auxiliary for playback from other devices

0.25-inch phono microphone

0.25-inch phono guitar input

Other features

Digital echo control for dynamic karaoke sound effects

2-band bass and treble equalizer for dynamic sound quality


Discolor DJ smartphone app for iPhone and Android


8.50 x 9.25 x 20.50 inches

In the box

  • Street Hopper 6
  • Nylon shoulder carry strap with quick release
  • Cigarette plug charger and AC charger
  • Remote control

Ratings and reviews

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Great idea, Dissapointing sound!

I'll do the cons first. The sound is simply disappointing. Not only does it lack bass or what bass is there is really shallow, it just does not sound clear or full. Even the treble sounds like something is missing. for an "Outdoor" party box it is disappointing. For outdoors it is limited to background music use. Also there are only Apps for Google or I Phones. I have a Windows Phone. Not having on board storage for the charging cords and remote control means these items will be lost in no time. The power button gets pushed to easily when in the back of a car/trunk. Now for the pros! Battery life is very good. at reasonable volume it outlast any normal party or gathering. the Bluetooth connection works very well. While the LED lights are a bit "corny" for night use the lights were handy for some background light around the campfire. The shoulder carry strap makes it real easy to tote this around and it seems fairly well made. The sale price was the main reason I bought it.

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Sound sucks, not loud at all.

It was easy to use but not loud at all.

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Warranty Info/Product Info

For manufacture warranty information and unresolved problems, I am with the manufacturer Soundstream and you can contact me directly andi@poweracoustik.com to handle warranty issues. Jared and Mike, I know that you had some issues with our warranty department but if you can contact me directly I can get them resolved. Miguel, if you could contact me regarding the antenna breaking off we can get that resolved for you. For Prasanth, if you could please contact me regarding this issue we will take care of it for you. The Cannon is the SH6, the official name is The Street Hopper Cannon, it is a Soundstream product.

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I bought this item a month ago, it has great features but no bass...no bass no fun, it's all about the bass, about the pounding, a small subwoofer in this portable sound stream system it would have made a big difference and more acceptable to keep.

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Great booming sound...

Just had it. Everything is what is advertised. Wow, great bass. But the battery life is a let down... so i still bringing my Fugoo XL speaker. Smaller size, a bit better sound and a whooping 48 hours battery life...

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Horrible Warranty Service-- Resolved

had a bad situation with warranty but Soundstream got in touch with me and resolved it. The fact that they took the time to do so makes me have to push the review up since it takes alot to contact me directly and resolve the issue. Thank you for working on getting my problem resolved.

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Radio Problems

I bought it and right out of the box it was having problems The radio was absolutely awful no matter what you did even outside with nothing around you. Even the old metal coat hanger trick didn't work it did worse than a cd player I have had from 2004. The wasn't even a spot to hook up a antenna in it. The lights we a nice touch but after just 4 hours the red light was acting very slow and sometimes not at all after charging it all night did nothing. The functions were very limited FM, Microphone, Guitar, Bluetooth and aux I bought it and sent it back within the week I wouldn't pay $100 or $50 or even $20 I probably wouldn't even buy it for $5 at a yard sale.

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Great speaker w/ cool features!

I am really liking this speaker so far. Pros: iPhone app makes it easy to control speaker Sounds great Lights sync up to my music Great battery life Looks heavy but its pretty light Cons: Wish it had a carrying handle but i guess the shoulder strap is good enough

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great value and sound

i bought this when there was a one day sale and it was half price. When i got it i was very pleased. It looks great, works very well, the LED lights are a nice touch, and the sound was very good. Bluetooth and radio work good as well.

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I had this radio 6 weeks and the antenna broke internally and it just flops around. Very little help from Microsoft, said they couldn't return and exchange because it was out of the 30 day time frame. Said the only option is to return it to a Microsoft store and they "possibly" could get it repaired. Not an option, no store within 150 miles.

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