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Transformers: Devastation for Xbox One

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Fantasy Violence

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The Transformers are back in all their destructive, transformative glory with a major dose of nostalgia thrown in.

Transformers Devastation screenshot.

Transform and roll out

The Transformers return in all their destructive, transformative glory in this faithful recreation based on the classic 1980s cartoon. Megatron has discovered a way to transform Earth into a replica of Cybertron, and it's up to the Autobots to stop him and his Decepticon clan. Play as the Autobots, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe and Wheeljack, and transform from robot to vehicle and back to robot while wreaking havoc on Earth and Cybertron.

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tony gordo

great game

good gameplay and 1980s feel




Best Transformers game so far!

I rented this game once from Family Video. I had seen commercials on the website and on TV a few times and wanted to try the game. They got voices right and had many exciting moments playing this game. I now want to own it so I can play it whenever I want.




Awesome Game!!

Very fun game. Characters are very fun to play. Graphics are very good. Voice actors from the original 80's cartoon.



Me smeg

Great game

Was worried the voices would be off but they got the original voice actors and found ones close for the actors that have passed on.




Nostalgia at it's finest

I'm a huge G1 Transformers fan and this is the best G1 game I've played. It's a great, but short, Transformers game as well. Simple to play, the voice work is spot on for the characters from the show and it really does feel like I'm in an episode. It is a bit repetitive as many locations are used multiple times as levels as well as the generic Wheel-Jack recolored baddies. But if you like G1, you'll enjoy this game. It is short, so don't be surprised if you beat it in a single sitting.



xX Dev1anc3 Xx

Wait until it hits the bargain bin.

Being a huge G1 Transformers fan that can almost recite the 1986 movie in it's entirety, I had super high hopes for this game... but I was just being set up for another disappointing Transformers game. This one could have been good, but like a lot of games by Activision, this game is half baked. Probably rushed out just like a lot of Activision games. Luckily this game is a lot more playable than Tony Hawk 5... but it should have been epic. Once you get past the awesomeness that you're finally getting to play a G1 Transformers video game, that looks amazing, and features most of the original voice actors that are still alive, the poor game design and mediocrity start to bleed through. They had a great concept here, but for everything they got right, they screwed up on ten other things that drag the game down. For a diehard G1 Transformers fan, they have the voice actors, and the characters look great, even though some of the characters are slightly altered from their original 80's molds (Megatron takes on a tank form to please all of the anti-gun enthusiast and soccer moms). ... but this is as far as it goes. Instead of hiring Vince DiCola to do the soundtrack like they should have, they ended up putting in a generic rock soundtrack that just gets lost in the background. There are only 5 playable Autobots in this game, and over 20 Deceptions that you won't get to play as, which is a crime, but I expect they'll remedy that with DLC later on. The Autobots that they used for this game were okay, but I'd have liked to have seen Jazz, Smokescreen, Iron Hide, Prowl, and a few others that should have definitely been in this. Grimlock also feels out of place, especially when he's forced to run along side of Autobots in vehicle mode with pointless flames coming out of their exhaust. The backgrounds feel generic and repetitive. The city streets are littered with the same five vehicles, and the buildings are all cut and paste. The futuristic space levels are even more bland. Nothing else was taken from the original G1 series besides the characters... not even the original logo or theme song. There is some out of place RPG influenced weapon system that is way too deep for a game that only requires you to mash X, Y, and Right Bumper over and over again. The 'focus attacks' are super lame, and cause you to go into vehicle mode in mid combo, and drive into your adversary... in mid air... and do a burn out and 360 vehicular attack... in mid air. Seriously? Is this the best they could come up with? If you have played the game for an hour, you've sadly experienced every ounce of game play this title has to offer. ... and for you achievement junkies out there, have fun going through the 5-6 hours of repetitive game play over and over again on each difficulty setting, and trying to beat a boss on the hardest difficulty setting without getting hit once... which might not be so bad if you had an actual block button. They put about as much thought in the achievements for this game as they did the backgrounds. It's a crime that they wasted the potential of what could have been the definitive Transformers game on a quick nostalgia cash in. One more year of development, and this game could have been what it should have been. Platinum dropped the ball here.

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Gamer Geek69

Amazing Graffics great game

Great game lots of fun. I'm 15 I never thought any game could be better than GTA5. Great graffics xbox box one has been the most accommodating to my gaming needs!



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