Turtle Beach Elite 800X Gaming Headset


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The Elite 800X delivers immersive wireless sound and superior comfort for hours of hard core gaming. Dual boom-less mics boost your game chat audio, and it has Bluetooth for taking calls mid-action. Includes wireless low-profile magnetic charging stand.

In the box

  • Turtle Beach Elite 800X Gaming Headset
  • USB transmitter / Magnetic changing stand
  • 4-foot long mobile cable
  • 4-foot long digital optical cable
  • 4-foot long USB transmitter cable
  • USB programming cable
  • Quick Start guide
  • Preset reference card

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Almost perfect

All it needs is cooling gel and I will buy it. I tried it out at my local Best Buy but the headset with the cooling gel was most comfortable.




Quality ... except...

I spoiled myself on this headset as I wanted 100% Wireless sound inclusive of chat for my Xbox One and this headset delivers that. This headset also delivers on: - High quality and LOUD sound - Different sound modes/presents - Noise cancelling (I can't hear my kids in the same room as me when I'm gaming) - Voice/bluetooth/game sound all mixes together (so you can bluetooth to your phone, game chat with teammates and listen to the game sound all at once) However... - This headset looses its pairing often (at least once a week). I have to unplug the base station, completely power down the xbox and base station, restart and replug it in for it all to work. This has happened often enough now to make me write this review - The side buttons are still a bit too sensitive. I can lightly scratch my head while wearing the headset and I'll mute my mic. - The mic mute sound needs to be more simple (mic on/mic off) instead of high-low tones which I can't seem to remember. - My ears hurt a bit when I wear the headphones for more then an hour or two. - The TurtleBeach app is practically useless and doesn't provide much assistance. Some reviews I read prior to purchasing described problems with the mic and others reporting bad mic quality. I've gamed with a lot of people since purchasing this headset and I always ask for feedback on my mic. No one had anything bad to say about my mic quality. So don't place much weight on that if your considering. Overall, this headset is awesome. Based on everything on the market right now there is nothing that beats it. But.... it's not perfect. I reconsider my purchase every single time I have to go through the repairing process.

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SlowMaster Edu

Best audio around

I bought this item a month ago and their the best investment I have made. Good audio, quality, battery and many features to offer.




Great Paper Weight!

The material used for the year cups makes your skin sweat. The headset itself is tight fitting and cannot be worn for extended periods of time. The hidden mic feature is a joke all of my friends asked me to remove my mic. I use the stock headset now.

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Great Headset

Headset is great. Not amazing. Sound is awesome. Some issues with mic. My friend bought one and I hear him ok but sometimes there is issues picking him up when playing duty. I'm hoping firmware updates make this an amazing headset eventually.



President Sure

Fantastic headphones!

I upgraded from an older pair of Astros. I'd read the initial release concerns about the internal mic, and purchased based on trust in Turtlebeach and Microsoft to resolve them. I'm reviewing to support the product and to share how I set up successfully. It's easy to set up, but the instructions in the box are not clear. These are FANTASTIC headphones. The features work great for me, including the mic. In the past three days, we've used them for Titanfall gaming/partying (gen 10 pilot) for hours, and had zero negative comments about the mic volume being to low. The mic picks up conversation well, while filtering out breathing, chewing, and other low sounds not intended to be shared. We use the 'quiet room' setting typically. Occasionally if people in the room are talking loudly, the mic will pick them up so we'll turn off the mic (touch the headset), tell 'em to quiet down, and turn on the mic (touch the headset). We've had no negative experiences with the mic. Other features: 7.1 surround sound, superhuman hearing, presets, etc. Everything seems to work really well. I watched a full-length drama on the 'drama' setting (just to review something unusual) and was amazed at how clear the soundscape is, and the dialog is crisp. I never felt like the sound needed to be 'Loud' in order for me to hear what was going on. Playing music through the phone/bluetooth is wonderful. I have read in some reviews that the headphone max volume is too low (due to EU standards, I believe). This wasn't my experience. In the 'noisy action environments' I tested (Titanfall, GTAV) no human could stand max volume for long (it's bordering on painfully loud). In contrast, the more quiet, outdoor Witcher III environments were beautiful. I had no problems wearing the 800x for hours. It's comfortable and adjustable. My 15 year old daughter commented that the headset was noticeably heavy, but she normally doesn't wear headphones at all. They don't feel any different than normal good over the ear headphones to me. The lack of all cords is awesome. Range from the TV is about 30 feet as long as there is line of sight. The signal will go out if I go out of range, but it comes back in automatically. HOW I SET UP SUCCESSFULLY 1) Out of the box, I went to turtlebeach.com on my PC and downloaded the firmware updater. I connected both the transmitter and the headphones and updated them at the same time. This is a required step, but a careless human could goof it up. 2) I downloaded the Ear Force app for my Android phone. I paired the headset with my phone, and then ran the Ear Force app to connect app, transmitter, and headset. After this I was able to use the app to control the features. This is more convenient than cycling the presets on the headset, but both get the job done. Every time I want to use the Ear Force App, it means turning bluetooth on (headset and phone), running the app, connecting the app to the headset, etc. This complexity is a minor annoyance for the easy feature access. Thanks to: K. and E. at the Microsoft Store in Castleton, Indiana!




Sound quality as good as wired. Better than 500x

Just received the 800x for xbox one. Switching from 500x witch were decent. Biggest question for me was if the 800x would sound better than the 500x especially for the price. Yes they sound noticeably better. More base and louder. A little warmer and heavier though. Sound quality makes up for that. Worth it.



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