Xbox Wireless Controller Gears of War 4 JD Fenix Limited Edition


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Prepare for war with this limited-edition Gears of War 4 Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring a laser-etched design based on JD Fenix’s armor, blue metallic D-pad, and textured grip for enhanced control. Includes a unique multiplayer lobby banner and three Gear packs for special in-game items.* Compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

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Love the nice scratch marks on the controller. Just about everything about it is great except for one single thing, the Xbox guide button is not popped out like normal controllers. This makes it a bit hard to press the button and makes it a bit difficult when you're trying to take a 30 sec video or screenshot.




Bad for first time user

New to Xbox One and so far very frustrated. I won't go into my issues with the console experience but this GoW 4 controller is horrible for me. I can barely see the markings on the buttons in good lighting, but I want my room dark for best gaming experience therefore IMPOSSIBLE to see the markings in low light. So basically, I have to memorize the controller layout before I play with it, or turn on a bright lamp next to me. Why can't the button markings glow or illuminate? This controller costs more than enough to make that happen. At the very least, you can make the markings RED on black buttons like the home button! Would that have been so hard??




Great Controller

Nice controller. Looks Great and handles very well. Worth the price!




Everything but the cord

I love everything about it. it looks sweet handles well, relative to my 360 controller, glad they fixed the d-pad. The only thing it is missing is a wired option, even if it was just a black cable; however; ideally the cable should be red. I know its an easy cable but for me as a collage student going to the store to buy a cable is a pain. Microsoft should actually offer the product insted of telling us to wored gamers to go find your own cable, some of which I hear are no compatible.




Cheap looking

Blue isn't a chrome blue doesn't look as nice as in picture. Mine was damaged on arrival as well. these controllers are hugely overpriced and the quality is not there.



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*Download from Xbox Live: ISP fees apply. Xbox Live Gold membership required for multiplayer (sold separately).