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Alcatel IDOL 4S - Unlocked


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• 5.5" Full HD AMOLED display • 21MP low light camera • 64GB storage/expandable to 128GB via microSD • VR goggle package • Compatible with GSM carriers[1] • Windows 10

Tech specs

Operating system

Windows 10


Snapdragon 820 MSM8996 Quad Core CPU


5.5" Full HD (1920x1080) AMOLED

Dragontrail glass

Capacitive Touch Technology

10-touch points


Mass memory: 64GB
Maximum memory card size: up to 128GB
Expandable memory card type: microSD


Max standby time: Up to 420 hours
Max talk time: 20 hours


GSM network: 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS 2/4/5, LTE 2/4/12

Main camera

21MP with auto focus
Dual Tone flash
Video: 720p @ 120fps

Front-facing camera

Flashlight flash
Video: 1080p @ 30fps


Music player: Groove Music

HAC rating: M4/T3

Headset jack size: 3.5mm

Speaker size: 2 x 1.2 watts


Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac(2.4GHz & 5GHz)
Bluetooth: 4.1
USB: Type-C
SIM: Nano


Accelerometer (G sensor)
Hall Switch


6.06 x 2.97 x 0.27 (153.90 x 75.40 x 6.99 mm)


5.6oz (152g)


Halo Gold


2.5D glass body/metallic frame

In the box

  • Alcatel IDOL 4S
  • VR QSG
  • VR goggle
  • Head strap
  • Quick start guide
  • Quick charge compatible
  • Data cable

Ratings and reviews

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My 1st Windows Phone!

Now that I have a Windows phone and lovin' it, I'm very concerned that Microsoft is phasing it out since all the reports are negative. Yes, I get it, with less than 1% market share it's impossible to attract developers. The Idol 4S so far has been a much better experience than all the previous buggy Galaxy phones I've owned. Heck, the last two galaxies I owned, I had to root them to get rid of all the crapware that was draining the battery and making the phones almost unusable. Oh, and then the Android updates that mess everything up with little benefit. Menus always changing, constant app updates, errors resulting in a burning hot phone in my pocket and charging by lunch time. With my Idol 4s, I only have to reboot every 5 days or so due to misc. issues that disappear after reboot. My battery lasts a full day with heavy use or almost two days with light use. My phone is never burning in my pocket and the OS is silky smooth and super efficient. With my droids, I was always fiddling trying to get the home screens just right, fixing issues after updates, dealing with misc. errors, lagging etc. My Windows 10 phone just works with minimal fuss. I actually kind of like the minimalistic app situation since I find myself using mobile websites on Edge browser more and more. This saves space, reduces processor load (less crapware running in back ground spying on me) and simplifies the experience. Darn it MS, don't give up on Windows Phone!!

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people should know how good windows 10 mobile is

This phone is as good as Lumia 950....maybe better.....and people who never gave this OS a chance just dont know how smooth and stabile and beautiful designed it is. All apps I need are here in some version or 3-party app, and I cant think of ever using the horrible android or expensive ios with its lack of personal control over your phone. Microsoft! Please continue developing this great OS. Thanks for letting us avoid Android and iOS

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Love It

This is my 3rd Windows Phone, but my first Windows 10 Mobile device. Although the Nokia Win8's had their own awesome differentiation (people hub, scout etc), this phone really puts the OS over the top. It is a hero device for sure. The screen and the dual-speakers make this phone perfect for media consumption. Also, I use the continuum feature just about every day; No other OS can do that like a Windows Mobile. The only issue is the glass back is.. well.. glass. I broke it fairly easily and had some difficulty getting it fixed, but I finally found someone who could do it.

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Great Sound

Not as reliable as a genuine Lumia. Still glitches, but is also better than the Alcatel OneTouch XL. I love the Windows OS enough to put up with the occasional glitches/reboots. I just wish it would run as reliably as my work provided iPhone. I can't stand iOS or Android, but I give Apple props for a reliable phone. Perhaps I would get that same amount of reliability in a Windows phone if I spent the equivalent of an iPhone's price tag. Anyway, back to the IDOL 4S. I love the sound of it! It's like having a stereo in my pocket without carrying a Bluetooth speaker. Play some jams while sitting around the campfire, or sitting at the Ice Cream stands picnic table. The VR and the goggles are useless to me. Neat for a day. Also, the phone automatically launches and gets locked into Alcatel VRLauncher app upon placing the phone in the goggles. So trying out youtube in 3D seems to be an impossible task. The IDOL 4S is definitely worth the Tmobile clearance price. BEST T-Mobile reception ever!

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Great Windows Phone

I've had this phone for almost 5 months, and it's by far the best Windows Phone I've had yet. I had the HTC M8 and I thought it was great. So I was a little surprised that the IDOL 4S out performed it. It's powerful, very snappy, boots up quick. Camer takes really nice pics, the video is also very nice unless you use anything over 1080p. It kind sketches out.

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Great Windows Phone!

Great value for such an awesome phone! I love the OS so much more that Android or iOS. I don't get the problems I had on the latter such as constant need to reboot, slow downs, etc...Windows Mobile works great and it remains fluid and quick! Cortana is the best assistant hands down and I use her all the time especially when driving. The integration between your car's bluetooth and Cortana is superb! NFC and OIS for the camera is the only thing that is missing from it and maybe a 4k display (the current full HD display is definitely no slouch). The VR package is very basic and entry level but will give you a few hours of fun.

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only real windows phone flagship ever

Everything about the phone beats about every other but equal to high end iphones. One downside is the front panel and the camera lens can break a little easier then ion glass that apple uses, hopefully the idol 5s will get Windows with a smaller camera hump. The dual speakers are hands down the best in any phone ever.

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Great phone

This is a great phone, very useful and everything is really easy to move around. Great screen size. The VR is fun for the kids. I would recommend this phone.

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i love this phone

Make windows 10 mobile run nicely! This is a nice phone for it price! I highly recommend this phone to anyone! I'm happy with my purchase!

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Best Windows Phone I have ever used.

I was previously using a Lumia 640, and upgrading to the IDOL 4S really showed me how amazing Windows 10 Mobile can be on a modern device. This is a great device depending on your use case.

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[1] Unlocked GSM cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile as well as with GSM SIM cards (e.g., H20, Straight Talk, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, and select prepaid carriers). Microsoft does not guarantee the performance of phones. Please check with your carrier of choice for phone compatibility. Actual data speeds will vary. Check with your network operator for details.

[2] Pre-installed software and apps use a significant amount of the internal memory space.

[3] Talk, standby and playback times are estimates only. Actual times are affected by, for example, network conditions, device settings, features being used, battery condition, and temperature.