Learning Tools for Students with Dyslexia

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Date 2/16/2019 10:00 AM (UTC -05:00)
Type Workshop
Category Applications, OneNote, Windows 10, Accessibility
Audience Parents, Educators K-12, Students K-12
-6 No slots left
Event details Does your student or child need extra support with learning? Join Microsoft Store at St. Louis Galleria, along with the non -profit organization, Decoding Dyslexia, for a free educational workshop on Microsoft accessibility and learning tools with a focus on empowering students with Dyslexia.

The workshop includes the following an overview of the built in learning tools in Microsoft programs and apps like Word, OneNote, Edge and more.

Participants will also have access to use Microsoft Surface Pro devices as needed.

Space is limited.

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Date 2/16/2019 10:00 AM (UTC -05:00)

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