Fundamentals of PowerPoint in M365

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Date 10/22/2020 12:00 PM (UTC -05:00)
Type Workshop
Category Productivity, Office 2016
Audience General
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Join us for a free, 60-minute workshop for a hands-on, interactive experience with PowerPoint 2019. Engaging, powerful and eye-catching presentations have never been easier. 

During this workshop you will learn how to make an impact by using all that PowerPoint has to offer 

Space is limited. Register today! 

This is a partnered event with the Women's Mentoring Network Inc. of Connecticut.

Women’s Mentoring Network provides education, mentorship, and resources that foster financial independence, asset-building, and economic mobility among socio-economically disadvantaged women and their families. Founded in 1990, the organization's guiding philosophy is that economic empowerment fosters positive life expectations and is an effective strategy against homelessness, hunger, and the cycle of generational poverty. For 30 years, Women's Mentoring Network has designed and delivered programs and support services for individuals who are actively seeking to improve their lives through more gainful employment. Programs & services focus on workforce development, financial literacy, and computer/digital literacy. Access to a food pantry and a clothing closet is also provided to its members.

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Date 10/22/2020 12:00 PM (UTC -05:00)

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