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jackie · 8/26/2015
Its a nice chess game

the game is nice since u can rotate the view to your liking. You can also pick the colors you want for the game pieces but are limited to adjusting primary colors plus white to make your own unique color. the only downside that I have found is that when selecting your piece and "move", I have to clique on the pieces a few times for them to finally be selected. I have windows 10 and feel like it should run a little faster at choosing and selecting pieces for the move. Other than that, the 3D is a nice add on to playing this game and the run time is fine after pieces are finally highlighted.

john · 8/25/2015
I like it, I like it of course I'm a masochist

Let me face facts; this game beats me and I simply don't see where its coming from till its too late but I still have a good time until then thinking this is the time I'll beat it. It an ongoing challenge and I enjoy the contest.

herbert · 8/25/2015
Big gamer

once a person understand how it operates a little better it becomes very challenging. the pieces are moving so much better. Like it now.

Timothy · 8/23/2015
3D Chess Game Comment

This is an excellent game for chess lovers. The game has an increasing level of difficulty that is very challenging even for the most seasoned chess player. If you enjoy playing chess, you will love this game.

Timothy · 8/22/2015
Buggy Interface

If I could, I'd give this game 2.5 stars. The game itself is fun and it's a decent chess game. The graphics are decent as well, especially for being "free." I also like that you can change the colors of the pieces and the board itself. The user interface is what doesn't work well for me. Most of the time, clicking on a piece once doesn't activate/select it. I have to click, wait, click again, double click, etc. Once I get it activated, then moving it to the desired square is just as difficult and requires multiple attempts to "click." I see the same behavior when clicking around the settings or trying to review a past move. I've tried this game on multiple Window 10 devices and have seen the same behavior on all of them, especially when using a mouse or touchpad. The device where it works the best is on a Surface, using the touch screen.

Vaughn · 8/25/2015

This is one of the slowest games I have played! The angle of the board can not be changed, and the adds are annoying. If the other problems were addressed I might think about paying to get rid of the adds, but I am pretty sure I will just delete this app and search for another one...hopefully they will be able to fix the issues first though.

Robert · 8/22/2015
Great practice app.

Thought I lost my touch and was proven right. I'm getting better again with this app. My brain & blood pressure both shows improvement. Soon will challenge a human. The graphics to are awesome. I recommend you give it a try.

Ted · 8/23/2015
Nice Chess Game

I'm not a chess master. This game has nice graphics and is easy to play with multiple levels of play. You can play the level you are comfortable with, i.e. win most of the time. Doesn't work well with Win 10.

Reviewer 2653 · 8/28/2015
Great Game

this is a great game, but it is better one player. when it's two player it's hard for both players to see their pieces well. overall quality. 9/10 great for chess players.

Milton · 8/27/2015
A Fun Game

This game is good for beginners like me. You can pick levels where you can have some success but still able to learn a lot by losing.



  • Completely free (not a demo, no locked options!)
  • Powerful Chess engine that can also simulate absolute beginner opponents
  • Realistic 3D models, animations and sound effects
  • Examine any game back and forth, move by move! Edit, resume etc.
  • Watch different A.I. levels play against each other!
  • See what moves the A.I. is evaluating while processing
  • At the highest levels, the engine can see dozens of moves ahead, using the full power of your PC to play great Chess!
  • Play in normal mode or timed mode, while monitoring your progress with statistics and Elo rating
  • Never played Chess before? Quick start tutorial included!

App details

Version notes

In this update we: - improved 3d rendering quality - added ability to change chessboard colors as well (you can now freely set the color of everything!) - added 50 more undo/redo levels - fine tuned chessboard rotation controls - improved color editor's user interface - added a closer view mode useful on some smaller displays and with some display ratios - fixed a few menu navigation issues

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