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Logan · 6/24/2015

Fun and competitive, but there are still many things that need to be fixed. For example, I have the number one spot on 26 tracks, but if you were to look at the track selection, I'm not credited for any of them. Also, it only takes about a year to become bored of the 100 tracks. If the creators of this game were to fix all the bugs and glitches, and add new tracks with new features, that would make the game much more enjoyable. But until then, I'm getting rid of the game because I don't need a game that I won't even play take up my phone's data storage.

angel · 5/20/2013

Does not work

Sanjay · 10/27/2012

Very limited choice

Dennis · 10/20/2012

Downloaded but does not show up on my apps. Focus flash

Player361349666 · 8/31/2012

Won't let me play.

EckzB0ckzSwaq · 5/31/2012

Quits to menu when I click a level.

ctron345 · 1/4/2012

Select a track to begin and always get kicked back to home screen.

Lee · 9/23/2014

Fun, and can blast thru obstacles to save throws. Got numerous levels in as few as two shots.

User · 8/12/2014

So addictive

Michael · 9/23/2013

This has been around awhile but fun and free. Played all 100 tracks. Then went back to keep trying to get through with less shots. Awesome


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