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Reviewer 2868 · 4/25/2015

Great game, excellent graphics, I am addicted

Reviewer 5161 · 6/4/2015
Panzer boss level

Its fun but I'm getting very angry with the panzer boss, sure it might sound like I'm bad at this game but I have been trying for hours to complete it and have not got that far even with upgrades, and instead of a repair I could use a special weapon use help or a scatter shot and a checkpoint instead of just restarting the whole level.

Daniel · 12/31/2013
Great arcade game

Fun and worth the install. Great arcade game that becomes progressively more challenging throughout the later levels. Very addicting.

Toff · 12/28/2013
Nicely crafted in every respect

Great little game for old-school side-scrolling shooter lovers. Looks great, plays great, sounds great - definitely recommended.

Ahmad · 12/16/2013

Good game better way to time pass!!! :-)

Sam · 12/16/2013
Fun game.

The only negative I have to say about it is that it doesn't sync progress across multiple windows 8 devices. Other than that it's a great game.

Reviewer 1990 · 12/6/2013
Fun and challenging

A great game that is a lot of fun and really challenging too! There is also a large level of replay ability and unlockables. Hopeful for new

Jay · 11/21/2013

This game is exactly how you want it to be. It plays exactly how you want it to play. The people who made this are gamers and know how what you expect from a game. The graphics are beautifully 90's! I love the style of it and the game play is super fun. Power UPS are great and the game runs very smooth on my surface RT. Takes me back to 1942! Great job guys. I'll be looking for your next game. Why is this not on the front page? PS: Great Idea to make it side scrolling. Up and down would have sucked on the surface

Big Jojo · 11/12/2013
Top-notch arcade style shoot-em' up.

Unlike similar games around, this game has a lot of polish. The action and animation is smooth and fluid. Intense air combat that is easy to control via touchscreen or mouse. It's like Capcom's arcade classic "1943" with updated graphics and a lot more action on-screen. Hard to say anything bad about this game. I just wish it was harder with more levels to play. Still, worth keeping even after you beat it.

Wayne · 10/27/2013
Great game

Takes you back to the arcade....really great..fun...and easy game



  • Fight thousands of enemy air planes
  • Choose and upgrade your plane and pilot
  • Beat super tough bosses
  • Fly bombastic missions
  • Enjoy mighty power-ups
  • Full Tablet support

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New Campaign: Operation Turkey Shoot New Enemy Type: Zeppelin New Boss: Commander Eugen

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