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Q. · 8/17/2014

Very enjoyable but lacks the ability in the Windows Phone version to create a Uken account or use a Facebook account, meaning all of your time and progress is locked to that one device only as opposed to being able to permanently store your progress or play across multiple devices. Until Uken implements this as they did on Android and iOS, you burn your time at your own risk.

Michael · 3/29/2013

Was great but closes every time my music changes tracks. Can't play it without stopping my music.

Nicholas · 3/13/2013

Pretty good game, need a lot of patients to play and its an energy based game so you can't keep playing non stop Add me pdfss

Robert · 3/7/2013

Really cool game for what it is. If you like the text based mmo the you'll like this game. I'm currently level 20 and feel that the game is well balanced. My two complaints are adding people to your guild is a bit tedious and there should be an easier way to see if someone attacked you. I didn't notice someone attacked me until a day after. (Just me being a newbie) The notification for that gets kinda buried with all the level up notifications and medals that you earn. Maybe it won't be so bad once I get to a higher level and level up less often. Great game otherwise! Definitely worth a try. Edit: 3/7/13 Playing music seems to cause the app to crash somewhat frequently. Is still playable when listening to music but it's an annoyance. Will make it five stars again once that's fixed. Add me: bjyau

User · 10/12/2014

Add me yeokh

Muhammad Azmi · 8/14/2014

Good game, but any one know how to login with uken account?

User · 6/6/2014

The game is a little hard but it is cool game.

Isabel · 11/30/2014

This game sucks eggs

Jeremy · 9/7/2013

Awesome game... Add me tobnm

User · 6/22/2013

Fun and hard to put down!


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