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User · 6/24/2015

Realistic In your expectations of instant build management. I've enjoyed the replenishment speed.

matthew · 5/27/2015

Great game, very addictive!

Ritwik · 7/1/2015

The best strategy game for Windows Phone. Keeps you engaged and entertained. Not a single hang/snag in my experience so far. P.S. Use code ASAM8O to start with 100 extra gems, which will give you a great headstart.

DUKE · 7/29/2015

This game would be the greatest if there was kind of fight scene when you go to battle

mahsa · 6/5/2015

It is can't connect

User · 6/18/2015

Really good game it is sort of hard to understand at first but gets easier to understand as you continue to play the game really fun game

Keith · 5/15/2015

Addictive! Use code K3HSGP for 100 free gems!

Cheralynn · 5/19/2015

A solid rpg the likes of Wartune, with solid graphics and no boots. The alliance system is interesting, the chat format is stable, and the whole game integrates on my phone like a dream. Get it. Love it. Join me ZHMK77

Clara · 5/29/2015

Love it! Very entertaining but fair warning, half of the people in allies can barely type. Difficult to understand them. I wish this could go offline too. Otherwise, LOVE IT!

ryan · 7/1/2015

Great game fun to play and doesn't constantly demand your attention