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Josh · 5/29/2014

Can we please get the full version like the Apple app store has. I can't even connect to my Facebook or get the coin offers that the Apple and Android version has. Other than missing features this game is a complete 5.

Alisha · 3/19/2014

I paid $4.99 for the double coin upgrade, and it doesn't work. I feel more ripped off than if I paid for a game I wound up not liking.

Adrean · 12/31/2013

The text is way to small during dialog from the general guy. And the text on buttons in the challenges doesn't fit the buttons.

Brett · 1/1/2014

Another endless runner. No creativity! But okay fun for a few minutes, and I do like Agent P! This app only works on 1+GB phones so Lumia 520 and 521 are out. I run it on my 1520 and it works great.

John · 6/16/2014

Phone reset and I lost all of my coins. I want them back. Terrible service.

Matt · 12/31/2013

Soooo many endless runners..not enough Telltale walking dead games !!

Spencer · 1/2/2014

Looks like it should still be in alpha, it try's to get you to buy fedoras and still shows you ads looks bad unfinished at every spot and your lucky if you can play for 2 minutes without a glitch. This is not "Disney" Quality.

User · 12/31/2013

Agent P!!!!!!!!

kingform · 12/31/2013

Game is buggy and feels unpolished

mammad · 12/30/2013

Good game!


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