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Norman · 4/2/2013

Very good!

Brad · 1/17/2013

Looked interesting. But help/instructions were too small to read so I had no clue how to play.

Veronica · 7/1/2013

Ridiculous but kind of fun. This game would be a lot easier if humans had fingers of all the same length. You might be trying to strike a chord with your index, middle, and pinky fingers while avoiding using your ring finger, which is hard due to the simple fact that your ring finger is longer than your pinky. You'll see what I mean when you try it. Sometimes the notes come really fast and you end up just twiddling your fingers crazily (and miraculously hitting most of the notes). Then they throw in some notes you actually need to hit on the beat and you mess up. My hand got tired pretty quickly. I know I didn't offer much positive feedback, but it is might be worth a try for you.

James · 4/21/2013

Had the potential to be a fun game, but on my Windows 8 phone, the buttons you have to hit are directly atop the ads, so more often than not, the screen automatically changes time and again during play requiring you to hit the BACK button to return to the game. Game also starts right up without a timer to get you ready, so you may miss a few starting notes when the game begins. The instructions could be a little more clear as to game play. On Nokia Lumia 820, tapping several places on the screen at the same time can occasionally screw up the desktop, enlarging it to where you have to turn off & shut down the phone completely to reset the screen. Again, could've been a lot of fun, but game design is greatly flawed on Nokia Lumia 820/WP8. Regretfully uninstalling 😩

SamanthaAndShawna · 2/4/2013

Fun. Quite a work out for your thumbs though.

Justin · 1/6/2013

Surprised me when I first played it. Really cool game. More songs would be nice

PurpleYam0 · 9/18/2012

Almost makes no sense, too laggy because of all the pointless animation, and songs are ridiculous. Pretty terrible game.

Jessica · 9/3/2014

Great game just not my style

Marli · 4/24/2015


Pat · 2/6/2015

Good to know it doesn't work


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