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Fix for multiplayer gameplay, leaderboards, new fields Windows Phone 8 version with brand new leaderboards

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Lexi · 7/4/2015

It is awesome 🙆 😊 😊 😊😍 but you have a timed turn to play or pass the ball and the ball just can even set up private matches against anyone you want. Plus its an awesome game that teaches kids angle's of how and were to aim. This game is not only educational but is an exiting adventure in each game.

Axel · 5/16/2015

It's a good addicting and challenging game. The online multiplayer gives the game long time to play. The only problem is that the live tile doesn't update. It's appears without goals or matches etc. Sometimes also the tile goes black and you have to resize it to see it again

Coen · 7/5/2015

Enjoyed it greatly until they upgraded it to use the unity engine. Looks better but more buggy.

Kitrail · 7/3/2015

I so wish I could give this game a NEGATIVE rating! What a terrible idea for a game. Horrible choppy, inconsistent, noncompetitive gameplay. I regret ever allocating a portion of my phone's storage space to this game. DO NOT recommend.

Eric · 4/19/2015

New version is too cpu-heavy for my Lumia 520. Now I wish I could go back to the old one.

Nicolas · 2/15/2015

Make the connections more reliable: Often playing against players ranked 0 even though I know they have a real rank.

Herbert · 1/7/2015

Cool stuff...jst hope the level points stops getting stuck

Brian · 12/14/2014

Was great, but multiplayer scoring has not been updating. Losing my desire to keep playing.

User · 12/10/2014

Its free. What do you expect? Not very good.

Sudhir · 12/8/2014

Bad app...always says server connection failed