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Jared · 8/8/2015
Needs better goal line technology

This game is easy to pick and play, matches are quick and its fun game to play when you have some spare time. This game has a big problem when scoring, sometimes it seems to glitch and you would be scored upon, even though the graphic would show that your opponent missed. The lag can really bad to the point to where you have no chance to win, make sure to play a opponent in your region. Fouls are pretty useless, especially when a opponent can score on you even after taken a foul.

Reviewer 4716 · 7/1/2015
this sucks

this game sucks

Reviewer 2054 · 5/25/2015
Doesn't work

I liked it better before the last update, but at least it was working. Today I can't even play a game at all.

Jimmy · 5/1/2015

Fun to play, but multiplayer couldn't be worse.

Reviewer 4180 · 11/5/2014
Fun, but limited

Constantly locks up. Needs fixes! Time to Update.

Reviewer 1329 · 6/2/2015
Love The Game, Very Much!

I Wanted To Play A Online Game With My Brother But I Didn't Find Any Online E Rated Game, After Lots Of Searching I Finally Found This Games, Which You Could Not Only Play Online But Also Offline, Very Good Game, Must Try...

imran · 5/13/2015
From the developer of Air Soccer Fever

Please update to v3.9, Lots of fixes and enhancements. New fields, special flags, leaderbaords. Download this game on Windows Phone and Android as well and play multiplayer across platforms. iOS version also coming soon.

Reviewer 3583 · 5/26/2015
Simple but Fun, Addictive, Strategic

Update 5/25/15--a previous update had been a bit buggy but the latest update is fantstic. Works great, navigating around feels snappier and just looks a lot better. Great work! Really fun to play, even though it's such a simple game, figuring out the best strategy to win---it's kind of like the actual game of soccer---how aggressively do you go for goal without leaving yourself too vulnerable at the other end---and what are the best ways to defend? Have updated this review to five stars now that flipped landscape orientation has been added.

Reviewer 9306 · 7/1/2015

Okay game, Me and my little bro have fun playing

Reviewer 2484 · 7/13/2015

Awesome job! Thank you for a fun game!



  • 8 soccer fields & 4 soccer balls
  • Over 100 Team Flags
  • 1 Player, 2 Player, Tournament, Realtime online multiplayer
  • 4 Skill Levels - Beginner, Amateur, Professional, World Class
  • Fouls & Bookings - Yellow & Red card (Fouls can be turned on/off)
  • 1 Generic Team crowd chant
  • 6 Team specific chants - USA, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain
  • 2 Match modes - Timed match, Target Goal match

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Version notes

1. Fixed issues in online multiplayer mode 2. Brand new leaderboards

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