• Simple yet Addictive Game
  • Simple to understand, yet challenging to finish.
  • The game makes you think
  • Mixing up the different stuff is a lot of fun.

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Mark · 8/29/2014
Alchemy Reactor

Eruption and sex don't work once they're moved into the work area. It's got a few tech issues, the recycle can doesn't always work, elements have to be dragged from the right to combine them, they can't be mixed if they're already on the field. Often you have to drag elements into the field several times before you get a new element. This can't be completed, corpse doesn't work and you need it to combine with earth for grave. Fix it then I'll play it.

Reviewer 6282 · 8/17/2014
Stilted and unimaginative

This incarnation of an older game lacked imagination and frankly wasn't well designed. It can be hard and annoying to operate and there is no sense of reward for making progress.

alan · 8/14/2014
Doesn't work on ThinkPad 2.

Stuck in Portrait mode. cannot view the reactions. Developers do not respond to emails. Do not install this App

Paige · 4/27/2014

you should give us some equations to make stuff but other that that its fun!!!!

Jacob · 3/7/2014
Not working

I can't see the workspace. And on a tablet, it would be nice to be able to rotate it. Just a thought.

Ruben · 12/9/2013
Was fun. Until...

It was fun. Until I decided to turn to portrait mode, now I can't get it to turn back over to landscape. The icons are also buggy. They don't always drag and drop like they're supposed to.

Bianca · 3/28/2015

it's almost like a puzzle that you have to solve. Their are many ways to look at this. It takes some brain power and if you don't have that... then you are going to hate this game. Although if you do have those things... then you should try it out. It's a challenge

Reviewer 3275 · 4/26/2015
Alchemy Reactor

Some of the elements created were listed (eruption, hay) but not visible or usable.

Christian · 3/5/2015

pleasant and enjoyable

Jeff · 3/2/2015
nice but slightly glitchy

entertaining and the logic is reasonable. Some of the elements don't have pictures so using them to make new combinations is difficult. If that was fixed, would be worth 4 1/2 stars. :-)

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