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Affynity · 3/31/2011

missing live tile notification

gorgillis · 5/9/2012

I love Scrabble and I love this. It gives me an opportunity to play against other people even though I don't have time for a full game all at once. I don't know what the advantage would be of paying for the full version though.

ResidualBacon · 2/2/2012

This would be five stars if there was a way to refresh the board without restarting the app. If I'm sitting in the app and get a notification that my opponent has played, it doesn't show up in the game. Very annoying to restart the app. Why can't there be a refresh button or maybe shake to refresh?

el n00bo loco · 10/13/2011

Love the free version, but the ads block the scores. Also, wish there were a button to refresh the game without reopening the app.

marisarafter · 9/8/2011

I really wish it would use the scrabble dictionary since its a clone.. Would be nice if you could see turn history. Live tile is great though! Low stars are mostly for lack of dictionary support in a WORD game. I'll still play though! Also the ads in the free version annoyingly cover the score... Also, a 'QUICK' game setting for people who want to play the majority if a game in one sitting would be nice, two turns a game a day is kinda meh.

speakersong · 7/17/2011

Not sure if there's a problem with the game or with users, but you play your turn and then you wait and wait and the other player never plays.. They shouldn't keep idle players connected!!

antebean · 6/10/2011

Having fun playing with friends. Wish the notifications were more consistent.

sookkuanloh · 5/27/2011

Solid game. Stable and easy to play

jeffreysimonson · 5/7/2011

Playing AlphaJAX is like taking a dump without toilet paper; sometimes you get a clean pass, but mostly its dirty business and your left stranded yelling at your mom down the hall for a clean-up on isle nine. .... 5/5

MonkeyMidget · 5/6/2011

Nice game play with turn notifications and turn count in live tile. Loading of games a bit slow but usable.


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