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David · 8/20/2015

Wish i could give a worse rating. Too many issues, tired of sex site ads, its annoying and not for kids to play with those kind of ads. IT MAKES XBOX LOOK BAD!!!! the dictionary used in this game is horrible, made up spellings of words are accepted. There are better options on WP then this game.

Ryan · 8/11/2015
Good, mostly

Disappointed by addition of ads and no paid version from a game developer that did well by selling to MSFT game studios. Notifications don't work anymore. Tile notifications don't work. Games don't load and you end up with blank screen. Have to uninstall and reinstall often. Pity, because this used to be a great game. Not anymore.

Todd · 8/13/2015

Great game. Easy to play.

K · 8/13/2015

Great game, but please stop the ads for adult sites. Too easy to accidentally click on them.

User · 7/9/2015

Makes you use your brain!

Karen · 7/13/2015

Alphajax is an awesome word game I enjoy the challenges but most of all I love the wins. One of my favorites.

Calvin · 7/7/2015

What's with all the sexual ads and not being able to pass'n'play offline?

Craig · 8/14/2015

I used to love this game, but now it is full of really annoying ads. Can't focus with a blinking ad in my face.

jaime · 6/16/2015

A fantastic game which plays smooth, allows for anonymous play, keeps you challenged and looks quite a bit like some other games you may have seen!

Stephen · 6/2/2015

Very fun version of classic word game, easy to setup games and rematches a variety of ways with friends and skilled opponents.


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