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patrick · 12/8/2013

freezes every time dosent work at all

nina · 7/24/2013

On a normal computer it is impossible to get the arrows to go straight. Maybe on other devices it's easier, but not on a normal pc.

Joey · 10/17/2014
Kinda boring

It needs to be livened up a bit. Maybe some music, some moving targets, some levels and animations.

Alex · 2/28/2014
Simple fun game

Reminds me of a flash game back on the day and its fun but has little to do but shoot a target that moves when you hit it

Jia · 2/13/2014
Fun but simple :)

This is a really fun but simple. Tip: the arrow almost always goes strait so am right at the bulls eye

Josiah · 1/7/2014
Not Bad

Good for time killer, but I wished there was levels.

Chris · 11/30/2013
Would be fine if it worked consistently

Unfortunately, on my Dell XPS 12, every time I go to a different app and then return to it, it's in this weird mode where it has the three buttons there but with no words on the buttons and clicking them does nothing. So that's unfortunate.

Alexander · 10/14/2013
Loud and won't close

Good game play but sound is on and loud, without an individual mute option. Snapped mode unsupported. I cannot close the game, just navigate away from it.

Paula · 10/4/2013
Fun but ads are too big.

Its simple and fun for a short time, but the ad I had on today was so large and it blocked the target completely so I had to shoot blind.

martin · 9/27/2013
I like a challenge

iys fun and addicting

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