• Seven maps with unique artwork and tactical terrain features.
  • 13 defensive and offensive units to command into battle.
  • Over 50 unit upgrades and special attacks to help turn the tide.
  • Simultaneous turn online multiplayer with ratings and matchmaking.
  • Challenge your friends to a multiplayer matches.
  • Step by step tutorial that gets you right into the game.
  • Tile updates with turn notifications.
  • Track your stats and rankings on the real time leaderboards.

Additional information

Version Notes

This is a small patch to the 1.8 release which contains a few critical fixes: - Improved touch responsiveness on touch screen devices. - Hud controls are no longer blocked by appearance of house ad. - Updated to latest Microsoft Ad SDK. - Fixed crash which sometimes occurs on match startup. - Fixed infrequent crash when requesting multiplayer match info. - Desync reports are re-enabled on multiplayer match failures. - Game music no longer plays over existing background music. Please visit http://www.armedgame.com/news for full change logs and further details.

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Reviewer 0233 · 7/29/2015
Pretty Cool Game

This is a pretty cool game it's just that the Insane Mode is not beat able from what I played of it because I died just a few mins (5 or maybe less) after the start and even then I was having a hard time just staying alive but in the end I lost no matter what... also Easy and Medium Mod are easy because all you have to do is build a wall of tanks and what-not, (Not a BIG army of them) after that just start building a army of Air Strikers (About 50) and go right for the CPU's Base(s), it does depend on how many Air Strikers you have though. If they do update the game this will maybe be changed. Hope they make Insane Mode a little easier if they do update the game.

Reviewer 7061 · 7/21/2015

Very good ,the graphics are flawless and the game play is awesome. The 360 degree camera remembers me of the plunder pirates game :-)

Reviewer 7150 · 6/6/2015
One of a kind!

I have always had the problem of finding a decent fun not to hard not to easy turned based strategy with good graphics and that is what ARMED delivered! There is no other game that I have seen that is any thing like it or even close to equally good! Great game and keep up the good work developers!

adam · 10/10/2014
Tutorial stuck

after grouping the tutorial won't acknowledge my completion

Tyler · 2/25/2014
Crashed 4 Times in under an hour.

It has lots of potential. Just wish i could actually get through a turn before the game crashes on my Asus T100 Transformer Book.

Muhammad · 1/14/2014
Check the price.

What a joke you have to pay for every level. There is only one level to play but the remaining are to be purchased, if you want to play more.

Nicholas · 5/12/2015
Good game

This app is very fun and addicting. The tutorial helps out a lot.

Reviewer 2598 · 5/12/2015
Nice game

Nice game, WHAT is REALLY is nice is that there is NO pay to win, there is nothing else that CAN BE BOUGHT to enhance the game after the $12 investment for the total game package, even the basic package is only $4, even with the "high" price of $12, this game is WORTH IT. Wish more games were like this one, a well thought out game, no pay to win, updates had the issues fixed BEFORE the release, not after, and on top of this, It is a FUN, THINKING GAM

Chris · 5/3/2015

Hard to understand at first but after the tutorial it was much easier and its a great game

Quenton · 2/15/2015
strategy off to a good start

This is a good TBS game for RT. Looks good, plays smooth depending on how high you push the graphics but it can look true HD good and still handles well but there is not as much strategy as I would have liked. Enemies seem way too strong or they're too easy. The winner simply has more units to spread around. Distract them with half your army then attack with the other. More units types and maps are needed like navel or foot units just ground vehicles and hover vehicles and one futuristic low flying attack jet with the exception of drones is not enough. There are a lot of cool effects and animations and maps look great but vehicles design is definitely not the coolest. The giant robot is just goofy looking but With one good update consisting of more maps and unit types amongst other minor issues and this game could be a great one.

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