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Christine · 9/7/2013

AMAZING GAME but the controls were kinda hard to control. IT ALWAYS CRASHES RIGHT AT THE END OF THE LEVEL CREDITS OVER MATTERS SO DONT BUY UNTIL THAT IS FIXED T-T Great consept though ^.^ <3 Also I am playing on my moms phone so thats why it says Christine. Ima boy lol :D

The420Dank · 10/24/2011

3 stars because the game has very high potential. Like everyone else has stated; fix the controls, tilt functions/calibration, and crashing... And you my friend have a knock out game. Graphics are actually pretty darn good compared to everything else out there using 3D graphics. Only prob I'm having with the controls is when I want to fly backwards and I'm aiming up... The ship fly downwards into the ground, can't maneuver well if you can't aim while moving. I've seen this game in the marketplace for a while now, not sure why the dev hasn't taken this opportunity to take this great potential of a game and make it much better with just a few tweaks. A joystick control would do a hell of a lot.

RockPaperBFG · 5/25/2011

There is a lot of potential here, but the controls are a bit rough and the graphics are really dated. Also there are some performance issues. Hopefully this gets updated since it could be great.

Mr Cheechick · 5/12/2011

Great concept. It reminds me a lot of the Defender remake on last Gen consoles and an obscure RTS/shooter hybrid called Herezogs Zwei for the Genesis. The controls need an auto-calibrate option for the accelerometer, however.

jw · 6/21/2013

Really enjoy this game it they fix crash issue 5 stars

User · 6/15/2013

Make it free


I love this game! once I got use to the controls I couldn't put it down! But the game does crash just as soon as it gets good. Please fix!

Gabor Omnia7 · 5/14/2011

The controll a bit difficult, but good game.

therockgod420 · 5/25/2011

Has potential but the control scheme is very awkward, the load times are long and the graphics are ugly

efjay · 5/14/2011

Controls kill the game for me, fuel runs out and landing fails cos the ship descends too quickly. Doesn't seem to have forward controls, just up down, doesn't use the accelerometer enough. Can't buy in this state.


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