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Minor bugs fixed The brand-new update for Asphalt 8 takes your game to all new heights of excitement! • NEW LOCATION: Master the island of Tenerife, from its tropical beaches to its breathtaking mountains and untamed wilderness, on 4 intense new tracks! • 8 NEW CARS: The Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8 LMS Ultra and 6 more heart-thumping vehicles are coming over the next few weeks. Stay tuned and compete in special Time-Limited Events to unlock them before anyone else! • EXCLUSIVE DECALS: Show off your unique style with these new custom options. • REVAMPED MULTIPLAYER EVENTS: Now you can compete against up to 12 players, instead of 8, in more challenging events for more pumped-up rewards.

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Daniel 3ICE · 8/1/2015

Controls while laying on my stomach or back are hard. Don't even get me started on trying to drive using a tilted device! If it is at a 45 degree angle (laying on my side) then the car keeps refusing to turn, no matter which way and how hard I tilt it. Great game by the way, 5/5 for sure. Just add a config option for what the normal line should be. Don't have to guess control schemes, based on device orientation. Especially since you guys guess so so very incorrectly. Edit -1 star: Orientation sensor broke today, game completely ignored the fact and just drove straight. Can't you detect this scenario and switch to a fallback control method? Edit again, -1 more star: It keeps asking me to select my carrier. Edit again: 1/5. Game peters out at 300 stars. The next car costs over 100k and each win yields 1k. I don't want to win the same race a hundred times to advance. At this rate you can never reach the 3M cars. Also, it has been unable to connect for weeks now. Bye online challenges

daniel · 7/31/2015

Most addicting game ever!!! Wish cars were cheaper though, but that gives you a reason to win.

Nathan · 7/29/2015

Great racing game for mobile devices. Easy to get into.

kevin · 8/1/2015

Insane racing with competent control.

Snehil · 7/26/2015

Asphalt series is the better way to play the racing game and this is my favourite game all the time forever. The interesting thing is its free on WP. on other OS we can't play this game smoothly but on WP it's fabulous. Plz I want it's next series. I can't control myself to play this game. Car,track,graphics is very good. 😍😍😃😉😉 love ❤ this game Played best racing game forever

cool · 7/26/2015

Absolutely awesome! Smooth gameplay, great graphics, and totally addictive. Love this game.

dustin · 7/28/2015

Man been searching for a game on my Windows phone had a hard time I am being honest people this has to be the best racing game I've ever played on a phone it rivals the consoles for racing thanks gameloft again impressive!!! Game of the year on a small screen

Denae · 7/29/2015

Best racing game ever. When I was little I even played the old games

Abdul Rahim · 7/24/2015

I love ❤ the graphics of this amazing game the cars are really nice and fast everybody knows that Gameloft makes the best games the graphics of Gameloft games are the best 😊 of all the game's that I've ever seen before. I really think that gameloft should make a new game like super hero games like Captain America and other games like deadpool or you know what I mean 😉 if you could please consider my offer

mahendra · 7/23/2015

Best mobile racing game ever played. Got addicted....