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Jan · 8/31/2015
Best Game out there on Windows

I pass most of the time playing this game , very addictive ang challenging ! It's the best thing I can find on windows store ! I recommend

It's Keema · 8/31/2015

this is just simply beautiful... addictive even. with customizations of car colour, camera and music during race to give players an in the zone experience... demands countless sometimes undidvided player interaction... this is just great, especially for car lovers such as myself... never played any of the previous sequels, but this lets me not want another game on my laptop or any of the sequels... this is just plain riveting....

Mike · 8/30/2015
I like it but...

First let me say the game is awesome. I love the races, the controls, the cars, all of it. I just have a few major problems with the game. First being the fact you "basically" have to pay money for tokens in order to get some cars for an achievement. (Completing all seasons.) I think the races requiring these cars should not count towards the achievement. Yeah there is events that allow you to earn tokens, but that's so minuscule that I only use those for double tokens. Second being essentially the same thing, except with the pro upgrades. You can buy four cards per day with credits sure, but again, you would need to buy in game cash to get anywhere with the sheer amount of cars in the game. I'm achievement crazy though. So if you don't care for achievements the first issue won't be a problem. The second isn't really a problem. I would recommend this game to all who like racing games. Lots to do, lots of cars. All around a great game. One of the best on the windows store.

B · 8/30/2015
Very nice game!

Just starting off, but this thing has very good graphics, and is a lot of fun. Easy to learn, really enjoying it! Bought a 360 controller and made it perfect!

David · 8/30/2015
Smoking up the streets

This game is so addicting after you learn the handling of the cars. I do not like the fact that at the last leg of a race , your bots always seem to pass me, even when I have a good lead at the home stretch. not cool.

Abigail · 8/30/2015

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Danny · 9/1/2015
ptp ptw

Game is way to pay to play and pay to win takes a lot of money invested to actually upgrade your cars past beginner stuff you can hit a wall after only a day playing were there is nothing else you can do. Only spending money allows you to advance. Useless play verses others seeing as everyone you face has pay to win to upgrade there cars were you can't touch them unless you did likewise. Don't mind having to pay a little but you can have hundreds required to spend in the game just to be minor competitive. The game crashes constantly during peak internet hours. Works great all other times don't know what's wrong there. Drifting events needs to be totally removed from the game its a bad design and almost impossible with digital controls. Precise steering and throttle control is required and you just don't have it you have full on or full off. They should really change the name from Asphalt 8: Airborne to Asphalt 8: The great pay wall. I'm stuck

Reviewer 1079 · 8/30/2015
Great Game

Fun an addicting it's not exactly Need for speed but very enjoyable

ernie · 8/30/2015
Nice game upgrade

I was locked out for awhile, but I like the new challenges and I never knew how much I would miss playing this game BEST racing game on line.

Mark · 8/30/2015
Its like Forza while dreaming...

I usually stick to realistic racing sims, (Forza is my gold standard) and tend not to enjoy "powerup" style games, but this mashup of realism and imagination had me going on and on! The gameplay is rapid, and you can still get a hint of a detour to take next lap. Also the fun element of winning knockdowns (a collision with another racer) is cool, but don't think you're invincible (obstacles, walls and immovable objects) will wreck you then only delayed shortly (no getting pinned and frustrated). The Downside? I don't like the trend of pay as you go games, this is as good or better as any of those retail based traditional titles. Although it does let you build and upgrade your cars, it seems a little slow to accumulate them just on performance merits alone. Don't like the $$$$ nag element every where there is an option or decision.



  • More than 95 high-performance cars (80% NEW!). Top licensed manufacturers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti...
  • Hit the ramps and take the race above. Perform barrel rolls and wild 360º jumps
  • Race in 13 different settings like Venice, Guiana, the Nevada Desert & Dubai! Discover hidden shortcuts.
  • A detailed damage system like nothing you’ve seen before.
  • Check out the new Infected & Drift Gate game modes.
  • Experience simultaneous multiplayer action or dare friends to asynchronous races.

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Version notes

Crank up the AC, because the summer wind's blowing a hot new update your way! What's New: • CAR MASTERY: Take on a series of over 1,500 special challenges to win exclusive & iconic cars! • 8 NEW CARS: Spark a fire in your soul with the McLaren P1 GTR, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, McLaren 675LT, and more. • NEW DECALS: Because you can never have too many customization options!

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