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Reviewer 7722 · 8/28/2015
Everything is good.. except...

I found this game is very entertaining and challenging its just that I wish they can transfer files to other devices. My progress on my android is so far ahead but it runs it so slow that it have frames problem.. so when I play it on my laptop it runs smoothly but sadly I don't have my progress there. I really wish they can provide this system.

nathan · 8/28/2015
really great game

this game rocks . I love how the cars are all reality cars and not made up and its so easy to play . this game is really for all ages

Danny · 8/28/2015
The same title only more awesome

ITS REALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING I've not played such a racing game for quite some time cause they were kinda lame but when I decided to download and play this I was amazed at the amount of options it gives me and how the cars are each ranked from the slowest to the fastest and I like the fact that I have to upgrade my car if I wane beat the racers that stay faster then me no matter what I try and that gives customizing your cars purpose again so its really fun exciting and what more does it have to offer you say? well how about challenges that let you drive online against other players for your reward and its lets you come back for more cause it lets you feel like you have a rival that you want to beat over and over again

Venkatesh · 8/28/2015
Awesome Game

Awesome Graphics. Great time pass.. Overall Very Addictive.. Now I can play in different devices with same score/game data. Thanks to Facebook game data store feature.

Ashton · 8/28/2015
Best Racing Game I Ever Played!

Out of all the racing games I have played, This has got to be the best one I've played yet! So far, I haven't ran into any bugs, and it has very smooth multiplayer! You don't even need money to play it, otherwise I probably wouldn't be playing it! It has great graphics, it makes the 2GB size worth it! I am now addicted.

Marcus Dwayne · 8/28/2015
Simply the best.....

There is no other racing game in the Microsoft store that even comes close! Awesome graphics & addictive game play!! Race it, try it, buy it!!!

Peter · 8/28/2015
Best ever!

There is a lot of racing games out there, but this is by far the best one! good graphics, lots of real cars, and not too many real money items! 100% free! No ads! Its a great game. GET IT NOW.

Reviewer 3976 · 8/28/2015
Great game

It seems in single player games that other AI cars attack you. Also, when I crash I seem to loose ground (which is normal) but AI cars seems to respawn almost exactly where they crash and at top speed. I would like to see in races where NO wrecks are allowed... when AI cars crash they should be eliminated from the race. Thanks

john · 8/27/2015
shoot to thrill,,fast rush,crazt nitro turns

great fast paced game that keeps me coming back for more!! the only issue is not getting enough stars for coming in 1st place.The event challenges are great but do not give out stars other than that it is fast,fun,and challenging,insane fun fun fun and now the new update give you more challenges to up your game!!!

WILDHART · 8/27/2015
Two thumbs up for Asphalt 8 from ADKWILDHART

this game is one of the best I have played in a while. Its very challenging and requires some good driving skills. Very highly addictive game. Two thumbs up for me !!! I truly cant stop playing this app hahaha !!!The new track is cool !! but we need MORE!!! hahahhaha All the new cars and effects are great just wish they where a little easier to obtain. All in all its a GREAT game to play !!! OOOOOOOORRRAAA!!! let-r-rip !!! all the new updates have been just awesome !!! keep up the great work. You have a sweet game going here so please just keep the updates coming!!



  • More than 95 high-performance cars (80% NEW!). Top licensed manufacturers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti...
  • Hit the ramps and take the race above. Perform barrel rolls and wild 360º jumps
  • Race in 13 different settings like Venice, Guiana, the Nevada Desert & Dubai! Discover hidden shortcuts.
  • A detailed damage system like nothing you’ve seen before.
  • Check out the new Infected & Drift Gate game modes.
  • Experience simultaneous multiplayer action or dare friends to asynchronous races.

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Crank up the AC, because the summer wind's blowing a hot new update your way! What's New: • CAR MASTERY: Take on a series of over 1,500 special challenges to win exclusive & iconic cars! • 8 NEW CARS: Spark a fire in your soul with the McLaren P1 GTR, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, McLaren 675LT, and more. • NEW DECALS: Because you can never have too many customization options!

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