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Heather · 7/15/2015

While the game is a great game , the touch controls are very unpredictable on the windows phone. I have played the game on Ds and the Xperia play phone , both were awesome. The google version of the game had a fatal glitch in the last chapter. I had hoped the windows phone would be better, but the touch controls are just to screwy to put up with.

Bryce · 6/24/2015

Okay, first, let me say that this game is almost nothing like normal assassin's creed games due to severe limitations on the Windows phone, as well as phones altogether. There is no open world concept and gameplay is very linear. Second, this game is STILL a great game for any app store, let alone the Windows App Store. Third, combat is actually very fun, even if it's easy with the right strategy. Some problems: The camera has a few problems, and it's a bit, how you say, TOO easy and straightforward. It pretty much tells you where to go and what to do. Overall, I still think it is a fantastic game. Developers, if you see this, try working on the camera. It doesn't work well. Perhaps a fixed camera would work better?

Corri · 5/9/2015

Love the game, just hard to control. Other then that, for a mobile game of a popular system game is still awesome

Lauren · 1/2/2015

Awesome game I sat for hours addicted and finished it!! You should add another part I want to know what happens to adha

I'm Rahul · 10/22/2014

Great game!! Gameloft, please make the game 🎮 free!! After all it is free in android! Then why it is paid in Windows :\

User · 8/15/2014

Very fun game. Also easy gamerscore if that's what you are going for

angel · 7/29/2014

Fun good graphics and easy to play

lilly · 7/26/2014

This is a cool game and it's really fun to play!!:)

User · 5/21/2014

Pretty fun. Kinda easy for a game that's not free but overall good for killing time while pooping. More levels/bigger world plz

Lorentsen · 3/5/2014

Nice graphics and fun to play, though the controls can take a bit getting use to. Hence, 4*. Is the game worth $5? Yes, especially if you're a fan of Assassin's Creed.


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