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John · 6/25/2014
Was great

This game was great but then out of nowhere the Hulk chapter doesn't work. If it gets fixed I think it is a 5 star game but until then.. too buggy.

Tany · 1/22/2014
I love this game but.

its extremely hard to play without a touch screen device. it needs keyboard support. same as the ios/android version.

Beaty · 10/26/2014
Great game. BAD programming

Love the game but have had to reinstall 3 times just to play and I lose all progress of course. Like many other games currently out. Most just reset. This one gets stuck loading when you try to play it again after turning it off. Doesn't ALWAYS happen but will often, especially if you are doing anything other than standing in one spot when it shuts off. If its a cutscene u r screwed. If anything is happening you are screwed. This needs to be fixed, amongst other small glitches

Jisha · 2/2/2014
Nice game

This is fun! The game takes a long time to start though, wish it would start faster.

Terrance · 1/31/2014
fun but difficult

The game is great and slightly repetitive but it keeps you involve HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that your laptop be a touchscreen but is still enjoyable with a mouse. I enjoy it. I do wish there were at least 3 more characters but I Cant say im disappointed

Lester · 1/31/2014

Very easy to hack, great game

Vincent · 1/27/2014
Poor app

Constantly freezes, have to restart multiple times, pretty much useless.

Chardonnay · 1/27/2014
Fun but..

I really wish there were more hero's in the game besides Cap and Hulk. I mean the game is fun in all but it becomes a bit boring after awhile, it seems as thought you are doing the same thing over again; but, this is mainly due to the fact the backdrop for the game is some what the same. Also, the controls for the game on the laptop kind of sucks, sliding left to right and up, down becomes a hassle on a touchpad.

Marc · 1/23/2014
needs work

the response during battles is pretty bad, I swipe to deflect and the hulk just stands there like the brainless animal he sometimes seems to be. But seriously the graphics look nice and it could be fun, with a lot of work. The travel sequences between battles just doesn't work for me. If it was free roaming then it might work better. I agree that keyboard controls should be an option.

Jerry · 1/21/2014
Problem loading

I downloaded this game onto my pc and played the first level. It was truly addictive. When I got to the second level there was a problem loading it. I ended up uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Played the first level again and the same thing. So there seems to be a problem with the software for this game.


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