• All features are available for free (no in-app purchases!)
  • Fight your way to various guns
  • Four beautiful, detailed levels
  • Collect achievements and credits

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In celebration of reaching one million players, we're releasing a brand new level - the best one yet. Have fun! As always, we're excited that so many people are playing our free game, which we're building during the night after we're done with our main jobs.

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Reviewer 6602 · 7/29/2015
Needs work

Several guns don't kill the zombies, ammo is hidden all over the place or drops slower than the amount of zombies you have to kill. Sometimes the zombies disappear into walls/rocks/trees and kill you, but you cannot see them. Game is very glitch, the programming is need of a LOT of work. Rocks that cannot be seen except through a rifle scope that block shots is another issue. This game has a lot of potential and could be AWESOME, if all the bugs and glitches are worked out. I have played every map for several hours of entertainment, just wish I could enjoy all the weapons, and the glitches were fixed...

Johnny · 7/3/2015
Update 07/2015

7/3/15 - Master super jump and you can go anywhere in this game. If you fall into the void, if you're quick enough, you can "jump" back in-world. Face shield zombie - necrotech? Lots of bugs. Invisible zombies except in farm world. when super jumping, check buildings by shooting at them. If the bullets go through, don't jump on them. Zombies can follow you behind in "infected city" level. 1/2015 All weapons available except PC (shoots blanks). In modern level, there are fake walls that lets player pass through safely to the "other side" of the city. Buggy - had to reinstall after update. Jungle level is gone (yay!).

james · 6/15/2015
Kick ass game

the game is very ADDICTING

Reviewer 2390 · 4/27/2015
Was Cool

Was cool. I used to play it a lot. But stopped for a long while cause of lack of time. Got on it today and it was just horrible. Couldn't kill anything not even at point blank. Then all my guns where gone! I remember I had all but one of the guns, now I just have two. What the heck? I hope they fix the issue. I would like to play this game again, sans the glitches AND WITH ALL MY GUNS.

DJ · 9/26/2014
WOW!...JUST, WOW!!...

I was playing the game and I left 1 zombie so I could explore a little (just for the fun of it) and I discovered that in all the maps you can just walk right off the edge of the world!...how rigged can a game get!? (oh! and by the way, plz don't try that...you never stop falling, and you NEVER die!...) so for really bad glitches, I have to say this game is not bad, but not good.

William · 7/6/2015

My latest update prevents saving up game credits. Can't buy a new gun, whenever you set a gun down you have to buy it again and you can't save credits to buy anything

Ronan · 4/29/2015
Most fun I've had in a game on the Windows Store

This game has to be one of the most diverse games I've ever played. The graphics are very nice, and the game has so many neat and creative aspects. There are a lot of ways to play this game if you become good at them. You can "zombie jump" to gain a height advantage over other zombies, position yourself through walls to become literally unreachable, and occasionally encounter the elusive "ghost zombie". I like the different ways that you can play this game, and the rare enemies that are a much more fun challenge than the common zombie. The only things to fix are the no-damage rifles. Although they are great for zombie jumping, as they allow you to use the same zombie multiple times, you cannot equip a weapon to actually deal damage. The first three weapons that deal damage are tons of fun. Overall the most fun game on the Windows Store.

daryl · 4/7/2015
great game but needs fixes

played 4 a while love it ,now do some fixes.it has the fixings to be a number 1 time killer,with fixes and updates ,please fix

Benjamin · 4/6/2015
Partially Awesome

I love the sniping action in this game. It provides the best practice (for free, that is) with first focal plane scopes and fixed scopes. However, only the first three guns can be used. The others fire bullets that don't hit anything. The broken guns need to be updated to work properly for a full game experience. A faster rate of fire on the machine gun would be nice, in addition to making that gun work.

Larry · 1/26/2015
Invisible zombies problem solved

I love this game but gave it a 1 star because of so many glitches after the January 2015 update. My main dislike was invisible zombies mostly in the Infected City game. Also guns would shoot blanks except for the standard issue rifle and scope. Now I can play the Infected City and see all the zombies and kill them-this is what I did and you can try it yourself. Buy the M24 Smart Scope (red dot above every zombie and all zombies were visible up to wave 10, I quit after that.) I'm changing a 1 star rating to a 3 star. The app still has some bad glitches but infected city is my favorite and now I can play it and enjoy it like I use to.

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