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John · 8/22/2015
game stopped working

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but the pieces became invisible shortly before I upgraded to Win10 and it still doesn't work. As far as what I like and don't like, the moves are a little slow, it should have the option to immediately move the pieces without the animation. Other than that, it was a pretty good game when it worked.

Terry · 7/30/2015
Not good

The pieces do not appear. The board is blank. Terrible

Reviewer 1692 · 7/7/2015

Game gets boring quickly. After a few games you know the moves and winning becomes easy, 90% win rate even on hard setting.

Lorraine · 9/20/2014
the official rules of backgammon are not followed

Please follow the Crawford rule: no doubling is allowed the game following when one player is 1 point from winning the match. Note: this is only for the ONE game! Scoring rules: a gammon is when one player has born off all his/her pieces and the other player has born off none. The scoring for a gammon is twice the doubling cube.

Crystal · 1/15/2014
Not so good

The times the computer throws doubles is ridiculous. Especially double sixes! When you do get a double its usually ones or twos. I am uninstalling this game. I want a game that plays fair. Don't waste your time installing this, I gave it one star because I had to.

Linda · 10/31/2013
Just like the rest!

Frustrating to play against a computerized program that is not smart enough to figure out a way to create challenge in the game without just giving the computer whatever rolls/doubles it needs. The game is not meant to be played with loaded dice - it is a game of strategy and while luck of rolls is a factor - it is not supposed to be so much a part of the game. Even in games I end up winning, I'm still bored and frustrated at the same time. Very unhappy and uninstalling. Zero is the real rating.

Jerry · 12/15/2012
Great in some areas, not in others

Has excellent piece movement options (click, double click, drag drop). Plays a conservative game (not very aggressive). Plays position better than others. Easy to beat at hardest level. Games do not save if you click on main menu during game (need to start over)1

Reviewer 5481 · 4/10/2015

I would've given a zero if I could. This is the worst incarnation of the game. EVERY pip I had to leave unprotected, which with the dice rolls I was given, happened more than any other game I've attempted to play, the computer conveniently sent my pips back.

mijan52 · 11/17/2014

if there were a zero rating, this would be the one. The cpu gets an unfair advantage nine out of ten times. The cpu gets way too many doubles and it always gets the numbers that will play. After this review, which is the first I have ever given any game, I will delete it.

Old · 9/4/2014
Seems Slanted

Functioned well. Instructions were okay for a novice (actually, haven't played in over 30yrs). Didn't seem to follow the rules - computer never couldn't move a piece to the goal, even when the count wasn't right (UPDATE: I guess it was following this rule but it wasn't explained, or explained well, in the instructions). Seemed to be slanted to the computer - computer gets an inordinate proportion of doubles. Uninstalled.



  • High resolution! New and improved graphics for Windows 8.1!
  • Test your technique against 3 difficulty levels!
  • Move-Assist highlights available moves
  • 1, 3, 5, 9, and 15 point matches with doubling
  • Extensive game statistics

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This update includes support for Windows 8.1 as well as several bug fixes based on your feedback. Thanks for your feedback! ____________________________________________ Follow us online for news and sneak previews: Facebook.com/TrivialTech Twitter.com/TrivialTech

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