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User · 8/22/2013

Great sound. Great graphics - at least what graphics I actually SAW seemed good. I can't say for sure, since all it would do was play the sound of a reciprocating engine and spin my gun turret(?) wildly to the right. My phone position had no effect - had to resist the urge to whack it violently against the nearest hard surface. No way to calibrate game to phone. To be fair - when I tap screen, it WOULD shoot what looked like a "period" out into the wildly spinning sky. Uninstalling.

HidekiPena · 2/25/2012

Very good, simple and fun for killing time.

McGoon76 · 5/12/2011

Great game, agree with other comments about sensitivity and aiming reticule. Also unclear is what hurts your own balloon? Being right next to explosions should cause harm to your own balloon. After a few improvements I would gladly pay for this game! Update: new version has sensitivity! 5 Stars!

lunertuner · 4/3/2011

Quite fun with the trial. Way too sensitive though. Felt dizzy after playing two levels.

SUITZ MACHINE · 2/7/2011

3d is not easy to get right, especially for an indie. But this is excellent work and I think that s v1.3 with that x factor could be 5 stars Suitz Ethics

dhohulin · 2/6/2011

It play nice and smooth. The controls were way to sensitive for me. It would be nice to have a way to adjust the sensitivity and some sort of targeting guide for aiming. Even just a red dot would be great. A good start for the game. I'd buy it if some minor improvements are made.

Almrls90 · 7/1/2012

Neat. The crosshair could be a little better to see, but that's just me.

User · 10/10/2012

Needs better gun sites and planes you can fly

Player317815105 · 2/25/2012

More and less... Bad controlling.

qianbai · 2/25/2012



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