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Isaiah · 8/27/2015

So basically BBG used to be one of the best 3PS shooters on the windows store like all the good reviews said, but now BBG should be 2.21 but since SkyVu had problems updating it and other related stuff that causes all the games on the windows store hard to update thus devs giveup trying to update their games. Now you can't even earn anymore xp or joules cuz of this error that happens at every match. This isn't SkyVu's fault, at least they tried updating it. I wouldn't be surprised if this game survived all the way to 2017 maybe 2016 or at least until all the noobs and stackers quit. I suggest playing this game, get used to it and get mobile Welp RIP BBG PC RIP OCH MEMBERS OF 2013 fall-2014 fall: Neochr3sy - Creator of ~N~ Bruce_Lee Ronpaultaughtme(Best PC player) A4awesome1234(quit PC version) IM DA GR8 - RIP Headhunter1609 UberRobinNova(Bruce_Lee's bro) RIP OCH FAKER Piernsurf (The writer of this review) Lik if u cri evri time have a good day everyone, Piernsurf

Einstein · 8/23/2015
I cant play

Its great and all, but I cant seem to update it. I have a older version (ver.2.6) and my friends tablet runs a much more advanced version (I think). I cannot play with him, can you please fix this? Thanks.

Adam · 8/16/2015

it took about 2.9 hours for it to load and I cant see anything it was literly all pink just blank pink

Sewayne · 7/30/2015
Waiting forever in automatching

I've been trying to get a match for days. What happened to the game, why can't I find a match to play. Why is it loading forever. Stupid game

Brandon · 3/16/2015

Why doesn't the Window's version get the updates? I am wanting to play with other people with iOS devices and Android, but I am stuck using this version with Windows.... Please update it!!!!!

Alexis · 1/19/2015

This game taker forever to find a match

Colten · 2/19/2014
Boring game

It could be better but I think they need new characters daily and new weapons

Cylas · 8/15/2015

This game is great, but it needs more people back, that would fix almost everything and update it please, its the same from the old christmas

Reviewer 6307 · 8/22/2015

You should add when you start like hva a lot of money and little gas if you do it ill give all stars

Reviewer 3464 · 6/2/2015
number 1

the best game since they made this game. I love all of the characters in the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Join your friends in this funny & addictive class-based online multiplayer shooter for everyone!
  • 8 Character Classes with distinct abilities
  • Thousands of unique loadout combinations
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Plant the Bomb
  • Private Arena (Play with friends!!!)

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Version notes

New Character: Sanchez! He's ready to control the battlefield! Using his unique slowing weapons, Sanchez can change the tide of a match! Christmas Skins! Celebrate the holidays with these Festive skins! New Weapons: Huggable Losing Your Head: Lose your head and cause an explosion in the process! Charged Run: Rev up and go! Graham Slow Field: Create a field to slow down the opposition! Buzz Saw: Shoots very sharp saws that continue to hunt your enemies even when they hit the ground! Astoria Blow Dart: Shoot a quick and deadly explosive dart Re-Balance! We've gone through many items, characters, and weapons in the game to make everything more competitive and balanced! Coming Soon: New Maps Previous version: -Free for All -Saberi -New Weapons -Taunts -New Map -Loadouts

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