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Андрей · 7/20/2014

Not work. Lumia 820

omar · 8/1/2013

Its a great game but they really need to make an options menu and a tutorial of how to play the game and Explain the wierd stuff

User · 7/30/2013

Please add a x2 function because the game play becomes extremely slow paced

User · 7/25/2013

I installed it but when I click to play it, it shows me a second of some sort of picture and exits the game. Fix this please.

Michael · 7/23/2013

Scammer. The price in game for the last loot bag says "1.99" I almost accepted the purchase when I realized the Microsoft Receipt said "41.99." Fix your game.

Matthew · 7/21/2013

Pretty bad game

Matt · 4/14/2015

Surprisingly addictive and super fun to play. Developer only needs to expand and make more. Perhaps even add open world elements like dragonsblade of FF framchises

Oleksandr · 12/23/2014

Can't play as there is no settings to turn off music/sound effects.

Kah · 12/14/2014

This is a good adventure game, with decent graphics and humorous storyline. Just need to add controls to adjust volume, and perhaps a fast forward battle option.

Greenwich · 8/18/2014

This is a delightful, simple turn-based game. Each zone takes like 3-5 minutes. Rather than collect random loot, you get gold, and you can redo zones to accumulate gold. Fun, cartoonish Torchlight-esque graphics, and it runs well on my dinky free phone. Just keep in mind, dropping real-life $$ to get gold loot bags is unnecessary and makes the game wildly easy by over-empowering you, unless you hate grinding / leveling by redoing zones. (But that's half the fun!)


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