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Jiri · 10/23/2013

Pay to win

Tia · 11/18/2012

It could be a fun game. But it is a money sucking disappointment instead. Additional tutorial would help as well.

Andrea · 2/21/2014

This is a great game! However, I am prompted to purchase the full game but am unable to do so (no longer available error message) & it doesn't appear to be available on WP 8? Any feedback or info would be helpful...

User · 6/10/2013

Really short game. Its fun but as soon as you get into it you have to pay more money (Microsoft points or something) to play further. Not worth the money spent.

aaronarnwine · 7/9/2012

Hours and hours of fun bit sometime confusing. What do the purple mushroom do exactly?

OneMe2RuleUAll · 7/9/2012

Pretty fun little game. Achievements are decently easy

MagicalChild · 5/6/2012

Fun and addictive game. Some levels are quite challenging. There's no extra purchase of content required. For the mushroom achievement one can just take a break until one gets another one (they refill with time) - that's how I did it. And the extra levels are not required to complete the game, they are just for fun in case you liked the game and want to play some more.

BezerkedDMRiot · 4/4/2012

Really fun. It's a good time waster and I always come back to it. Whether you're looking for achievements or just a fun game to play, Beards and Beaks is no exception.

Monk Madness · 2/12/2012

Good...very challenging.

Pytor · 1/12/2012

Lots of fun, loaded with character; nice colorful graphics with a catchy, swinging soundtrack.


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