• CLASSIC GEM-MATCHING FUN - Play the most popular puzzle game of the century with a mode for every mood.
  • DIG INTO DIAMOND MINE - Blast gems to collect gold, diamonds and buried artifacts before the clock runs out.
  • SAVE THE BUTTERFLIES! - Match gems to free the butterflies before they move up the board where a hungry spider awaits.
  • CREATE 4 SPECIAL GEMS - Create electrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems, Hypercubes and Supernova gems.
  • PROVE YOUR GEM-MATCHING PROWESS - Earn flashy Bejeweled badges and XBLA achievements to prove your multifaceted skills!
  • MORE COOL FEATURES - Ultra-Smooth Action — Make multiple matches while new gems fall into place
  • Hints on Demand — Can’t quite spot the next gem match? Use the “Hint” button for a quick tip.
  • Stats Galore — Gloat over your Bejeweled game scores for total matched gems, all-time best moves and top 10 personal bests in Classic and Diamond Mine!
  • Sharing Capabilities — Share scores and achievements through email and the Windows 8 Share charm.
  • New Achievements — Exclusive Xbox LIVE achievements created just for this game.
  • Touch-play Experience — The underpinning framework of the game was completely reworked to best showcase the touch-play experience and the Windows 8 operating system.
  • Full Support — Live Tiles, Snap and Xbox LIVE are all supported in the game.

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Updated for release in Europe, Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand!

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Reviewer 8481 · 6/1/2015
Bejeweled Live

Great game but too addicting!! 100% agree

Reviewer 6547 · 6/6/2015
Great game but wont work on Lumia 2520!!!

Loved this game on my Acer w510 and dell xps10, but wont work on my new Lumia 2520. Please fix for the 1520 and my life will be complete!!!

Patricia · 3/31/2015
bejeweled live

I enjoy this game , due to my eye sight, there are a couple of games here which are a strain on my eye sight. with that said, bejewel live I highly recommend too adult senior, it is a fun game for those in my age group..

mm · 3/21/2015
Bejeweled Live

Love this game! Love the butterflies and the mining games on this Bejeweled. Makes the game a little more interesting. Awesome! However, here lately, I can't seem to get the game to work properly.

Reviewer 8676 · 6/26/2015

application could not be installed on my windows 8 computer or repaired. JUNK!!! I would rate it 0 stars but that is not an option.

Michael A · 3/12/2015
I hate giving this app a low rating

The problem with this app is that it is inconsistent. I can sometimes see my high scores between devices, but other times, not. Sometimes my high scores are lost, sometimes not. And now, the copy installed on my main computer is not working. I uninstalled it, but apparently, it did not completely uninstall. I tried to reinstall, but now it is even more broken, and will not let me uninstall it again. Would someone please fix this mess. Thank you. MACJR

Edward · 2/10/2015
Update version no good

The old version was great! Good scoring, consistent, logical. I had it freeze and had to reinstall it about a week ago and the new version is erratic with gems and butterflies coming and going at random. We rarely get over a million now when we used to regularly got to around 1.5-2mil so it is less satisfying. And it seems more, I don't know, aggressive? Like it wants you to do badly. We often get scores in the tens of thousands. Compared to the old version, this one is not very fun. I like to play a single game for more than 10 minutes before I lose.

Kevin · 2/22/2015

Wish I would have read the reviews on this game before I spent money on it to install on my Nokia tablet. This game should not even be able to be purchased from a Windows RT machine. At the very least it should have a BIG warning label that it will not work. This game should not even be in the store under these conditions. Waste of money!!!!!

kathleen · 1/30/2015
uh oh...

My game no longer functions properly. When it gets to the end, it stops abruptly, score not registering and quits. What's up with that??? I love this game and have it on multiple devices. Now what? : (

emmanuel · 11/14/2014
needs an update

good game but please add poker, balance, lightning and other modes on here like everyone has said Ios has it why does windows get the last minute updates. Furthermore update on both platform surface and phone. Otherwise its worth 3 stars at this rate. Pop cap don't be mean to us windows customers please add all your games on here such as peggle, zuma revenge including the original. apple gets the red carpet treatment while we get the leftovers.

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