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Reviewer 0518 · 8/5/2015
Love it!

As a player, it's fun and engaging. As a parent, it's good, clean fun and makes them use their brains. As a teacher, it's great for critical thinking and problem-solving.

Asia · 10/17/2013

this game sucks because my child does not like it she said it is boring so ether you make it better or I will call the social network people and I will tell them that I warned you so if you don't make it better I will have you and you company sewed and I will have all your games off and you need to make an action game with math and reading and writing for them to help them learn but it also needs to feel like a game to our childerenand so you might want to fix the game not to be so slow,a mother

Sherry · 9/18/2013
Great Game

It is a great game. It makes you think.

Christopher · 2/27/2013
After a second though...

This game is overall -- illogical. Level 12 is harder than level 20, yet level 8 is harder than level 35. Honestly the guy who made this should have mathematically calculated possibilities with each level, and the levels should have been arranged with the least possibilities to highest, instead of just random level placement. Horrible. I would have bought the game if it didn't feel so... rushed, and well... Illogical. My opinion, it's worth 1 shot. If you're extremely bored. I am not buying.

Rick · 2/2/2013

Played and completed the 40 free levels in under 10 minutes. Can't see how 80 more levels would be worth spending any money.

Reviewer 5286 · 8/1/2014
Love it!

Challenges your brain to a different way of thinking.

robert · 6/10/2014
bob bishop

Great mind teaser

Carleton · 12/5/2013

Interesting and challenging...Entertaining and educational.

Julie · 9/20/2013
Fun App!

Fun App...like the way it works your brain...

david · 8/19/2013

it was good exercise for the brain/// fin



  • 120 levels
  • 40 free levels

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