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User · 11/11/2013

At least im no longer a dumba%$ at school anymore

Katherine · 8/20/2013


User · 10/9/2012

This app would b good but after you receive your 20% achievement you want get no more achievement. That problem need to be fix and this app would be perfect.

cptBlu · 7/4/2011

Most of the games are fun very similar to the big brother versions my issues are with achievements never registering with Xbox live and the general UX the game feels broken if returns where possible this would have been

Corey · 11/18/2014

Addicting... Works great on WP8... (I don't understand what other reviewers are talking about. I have absolutely no problems running this game.)

James · 6/23/2013

This game is awesome, a must have. IMO it should be free. Get those brains working people!

Daniel · 3/31/2013

Nicely done, Gameloft. Best "Brain Trainer" on WP. Btw, I have no performance issues whatsoever on Nokia 810 ;)

Gilad · 1/7/2013

~*It's been almost 2 years since i bought it and still no update, it still needs it on WP8*~ Excellent potential, bad execution for phone7. i had a tiny version of it on my old phone, this could be so much better since it have more exercises and mini games. a serious update is a must to fix many bugs and it is long over do. As well, the game doesn't register time nor achievements correctly, it's a shame.

QueenOfTh3Damnd · 10/2/2012

Just played the trial. I like it alot but apparently at this hr I'm only using 6% of my brain. Lmao!!! Only thing stopping me from buying is the price & I think that adds up for the percentage I must be missing. Plz - Deal Of The Week or price drop :-)

topACE007 · 3/15/2012

Multiple achievements are broken. A lot of unobtainable gamer points many months after release (ver 1.1.8)


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