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User · 7/13/2014

Really buggy but the puzzles are fun and there are a lot of them. The charts and leaderboard are a disappointment.

Brett · 7/2/2014

I have low vision so it takes me longer to review visually what I am seeing on the screen, but when I answer the questions it calls me "slow" for all answers due to my low vision not based on my actual problem solving... So if you are "slow" because it takes you longer for a different reason I would not suggest this game. ... Or ... Play away and don't worry about it calling you slow.

Arie · 5/23/2014

I'd love it if it wasn't that laggy. It seems like I have to tap 5 times for every button. A fix pls.

Arturo · 5/11/2014

Awesome, fun and addictive game!!! Also check out "Ask Cortana Guide" app its awesome!!!

Karlo · 5/9/2014

Quite good for an old game. I hope it gets updated for winfows 8.1

stephen · 4/20/2014

Enjoyable, but impossible to play if you are color blind

Christian P. · 6/13/2014

Why don't my achievements show on my gamerscore?? They used to work months ago, but now they don't. 100 points missing... Been trying to resolve this the last two weeks

Johnny · 5/8/2014

The game works well enough but it doesn't really have a whole lot of substance. I'm more interested in a practical application of the science that inspired the game than making it look like and feel like a barely passable translation of a Japanese child's game.

Anthony · 5/19/2014

I like the concept, But it needs Updates, Please fix the game doesn't takes up the whole screen, graphics are horrible Fix this Game.

Robert · 1/16/2015

Glitchy and unpolished. Achievements are broken. For example. I have 20% completion and 100% completion, but not 40%, 60%, or 80%. AFAIK, there is no way to ever unlock those achievements now.


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