• 28 small quests/achievements to complete.
  • Explore the world or fight against other players.
  • 20 levels to reach.
  • Free online mini-MMORPG with dedicated servers.

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Version 2.1.2: * Various bug fixes. Version 2.1.1: * Various bug fixes. Version 2.1: * Various bug fixes. * Added Spanish. * Added Portuguese. * Added French. If you experience any errors, then please contact us by e-mail (apps@mpbrun.dk), as we cannot contact you through a review. We can then fix possible errors very quickly.

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Ginny · 7/28/2015
Stamp of Approval

Fun and addicting game, but no big purpose other than to do PvP battles, level up, and get all of the 28 achievements. Within 2 days, I went from Level 1 to Level 15, so it's not too hard to master. Good graphics, though, and nice app overall.

Reviewer 4231 · 7/11/2015

this is a great time killer for boring times I have to wait... although it is pretty short and not as much monsters, armor, and weapons. if this was longer had more tools and monsters and was released as a full game id buy it

Calvin · 7/2/2015

Very fun game!! Pros: - Entertaining - Very few bugs/glitches - Challenging - Good amount of players Cons: -Not much to do - To get most achievements and gear it only takes 30 minutes -No quests Overall it is a very fun game! It can get mildy boring once you complete it, add some side quests possibly and 5 stars for sure

Bethany · 7/12/2015

This is a fantabulous game but it would be nice if there were more armour or more achievements. Its a great game to play but you can get to the highest level in less than a day. Fantastically fun game though. 😉

Alex · 7/27/2015

Five stars =more armor &weapons more buses easier access to chat and achievements buttons other than that great game!

Brandon · 6/26/2015

Alright game, I realy like the open world aspect. Likes. •pvp (but many make a capture the flag type) •terrain(realy like the different types) •graphics(it looks nice) Dislikes. •more levels(I got my character to 20 in 3 hours) •more armors(there should be more armors) •merchant system(the monsters should drop gold and we should be able to buy gear/potions/and maby even a companion like a dog or wolf.) •more bosses(I like the final boss but think there should be more.) •Range weapons and magic(I would like some classes like ranger/archer/thief and mage/wizard/spell caster.)

Reviewer 0107 · 6/22/2015
to simple

a couple hours is all it took to get platinum armor and that's after beating the final boss. now its not bad but I could probably reset and get the platinum armor as level 1 since I know where its spawns... and if I got some help but yea kinda gets to grind to the point where you level just to get to level 20. all in all a cute game that needs some nerf in arena but that's about it. also foxy in arena is annoying since it just who can get foxy or run. well to tired to make this more analytical, understandable, and less whiny.

Christian · 7/6/2015

is this it? will there be more?

Michael · 2/15/2015

Boring. Stupid. Uninstalling.

kamal · 8/2/2014

my are fackttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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